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Marvel minimate boxed sets poll.


Marvel minimate boxed sets poll.  

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  1. 1. Which Marvel boxed set would you most like DST to make for real?

    • Masters of Evil: Baron Helmut Zemo, classic Moonstone, Tigershark, Mr. Hyde, Klaw,and Radioactive Man
    • Wrecking Crew: Wrecker, Thunderball, Piledriver, Bulldozer and battle damaged Thor (to beat up on)
    • Sinister Six: Doc Ock (suited version with longer tentacles), Electro, Kraven, Vulture, Shocker and the Lizard.
    • AOA set 1: Weapon X, Jean Grey, Dark Beast, Cyclops, Holocaust and Apocalypse
    • AOA set 2: X-Man, Blink, Sabretooth, Sunfire, Gambit and Mr. Sinister
    • Alpha Flight: Guardian, Sasquatch, Snowbird, Aurora, Northstar and Talisman
    • Thunderbolts: Citizen V, Meteorite, MACH 1, Songbird, Atlas and Techno
    • New Thunderbolts: Norman Osbourne (suited version), Venom (Mac Gargan), Pennance, Moonstone, Bullseye (black/white suit) and the Swordsman

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Here is a list of reasonable Marvel minimate boxed sets that fans might like to see. Each set contains 5 to six minis relevant to the theme. Some team sets consist of members that may not have served together during their respective stints. I tried picking characters that do not have an existing or upcoming minimate and some that may be in need of an update. Feel free to make comments.

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Why are the X-Men fans only options Alternate Reality packs? I object.

I picked AoA Pack 2 because it has more characters that can be used outside AoA...

Blink and Sabretooth are both Exiles, and the Exiles are awesome, and have visited 616 on numerous occasions.

X-Man came to 616 and was an X-Man... so... hey, 1 more X-Man for my team is awesome for me.

Sunfire, though not techincally in 616, could pull a double use, because he recently started wearing his AoA costume in 616 continuity, after becoming Apocalypse's Famine Horseman. So hey, 1 more 616 X-Man *Thumbs Up*

AoA Gambit and Sinister I don't much care about, but the number of characters I wanted in this set forced me to drag them along...

My votes for AoA characters...






Dark Beast


All characters we can get some use out of beyond their little alternate reality bubble.

Now, my idea for completely unrelated, NON-Alternate Reality X-Men packs... 90's Jim Lee X-Men... simple, get's the point across...

Box cover could be that classic X-Men #1 cover we've all seen 100 times.

And it gives us access to a lot of stuff people have been asking for for a while, such as...

New characters, all in one of their best known looks...




Already made characters, again, in some of their best known looks...

90's Costume Cyclops

90's Costume Jean

90's Costume Storm

90's Costume Beast

Bishop with his awesome Mullet

Professor X in the Big Gold Floaty Chair

I know alot of us folks who grew up with the Cartoon in the 90s would love to see some of those mates, at long last.

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I voted for AOA set 2 because I NEED Gambit,Mr. Sinister(though I'd prefer regular Gambit & Sinister) and Sunfire. I'd love the Alpha Flight set too though :D

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Sinister Six FTW!

We need those villains people! NEED THEM! My Spidey is sick of laying smackdown on just Venom and Carnage!

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That was a hard choice. I went with Wrecking Crew. Those guys are tuff and seem to be around a lot lately. Plus, I'd get another Thor.

The box set I really want though is Young Avengers.






For varients, Speed or Iron Lad.

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I have to go with the original Sinister Six. I've always loved the 1964 Amazing Spiderman Annual #1.

However, as an aside, I've been reading the current :cap: Captain America series (#27-#29 - post Captain America's death), and it would be fun to have the latest incarnation of the Serpent Squad plus some of the other notable characters like:

Serpent Squad





(Pic reference: )



Red Skull


Dr. Faustus

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I went with Alpha Flight... what they need to do with these box sets is make smaller characters that wouldn't fit into a regular release line-up anyway... most of the villians sets could be worked into waves, but the only way that we'll ever see a Puck is in a boxset.

And since everybody else is doing a write-in vote, I'm gonna go ahead and do it to:

Power Pack! Hello! There's four of them! Perfect Box Set size team! Power Pack!

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Tough choice between Sinister Six, Masters of Evil, and Wrecking Crew, but I had to go with Sinister Six for plausibility and convenience of getting 5 essential new villans in one-shot. If I were to pick an X-Men box set, it would have to be "Classic" First Appearance X-Men with: Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast( non-blue, hairless, ape), Iceman, Angel in black and yellow with F.A. Magneto.

However, my personal choice (not listed) is "classic" Inhumans: Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, Triton, and of course...Lockjaw(in the same vein as the BSG Daggit art). If the only way the Defenders could get some love was by box set, then there's no reason that the Inhumans can't. Those who know would love it and those who don't would certainly learn to. Solid-choice.

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I want the Legion of Losers. Spot, Kangaroo, Gibbon, and Grizzly. You can't tell me any of them are bursting onto the scene in any future line-up, so a boxed set is likely the only way you'd see these guys. Of course, maybe I'm scraping too far down in the bottom of the barrel.

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Sinister Six FTW!

We need those villains people! NEED THEM! My Spidey is sick of laying smackdown on just Venom and Carnage!

I went with the sinister six as well. for the same reason.

I really want an alpha flight one too, but I would get more use out of six new villians. well, five.

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Since The Ultimates didn't make the list, I went with Sinister Six. So many Spideys, so few Spidey villains.

My thoughts exactly! I am really hoping we see The Ultimates in an upcoming wave or box set! But, I would also kill for a '64 style Sinister Six.

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