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The "WTF Are His Powers!" Thread


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This is a thread for people (like me) who dont know what the powers and abilities of some of the dc minimates characters are. People can ask about characters, and people who know can give the infromation.

I will start with some of the characters that are already released:

Series One:

OMAC, it stands for one man army corps, but what can these guys do?

Series Two:

Dr. Fate, i know hes some guy who can teleport from watching the jlu cartoon, but what else can he do?

Blue Beetle, Has a gun, and a mystic scarb thing correct? So does it give him powers?

Booster Gold, a failure from the future comes to the past with a robot and a costume, does he have powers?

Series 3:

Ares, whats his back story?

Ocean Master, same with ares, whats his story?

Series 4:

Spectre: Hes hal jordan? Why is he so powerful? What does he do?

Bane: Hes super strong, but why is he so unstoppable, cant batman just throw a batarang at his cable?

Any help would be appreacited, and feet free to post questions about any other characters in waves 1-4, and characters in 5-7

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OMAC - this version can download any powers necessary to beat the threat at hand

Dr. Fate - think Dr. Strange, but working for order and guided by an ancient Egyptian sorceror (in the helmet)

Blue Beetle - this one doesn't have the scarab (the first did, and the current one does). No powers, but lots of money and gadgets. Think a light hearted Batman

Booster Gold - from the 25th century. No powers of his own, but stole a suit and other stuff, including a flight ring, that give him strength, resilience and other stuff. Skeets is an information bot with historical info to help him be a better hero (by cheating)

Ares - Greek god of war, brother to Athena, Wonder Woman's patron. Has godlike powers.

Ocean Master - dunno, sorry :(

Spectre - The spirit of God's vengeance. Almost unlimited powers to punish the guilty. Has to be bonded to a human host to temper the judgements. Was Jim Corrigan, then Hal Jordan and now Crispus Allen

Bane - Powered by vemon serum. As well as the expected physical stuff, he's a tactical genius, potentially on a match for Batman himself.

Hope that helps, I'll leave it to others if you want more detail. Lemme know what character from other waves and I'll give it a shot.


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thanks so much dude, that helps so much!

i have a question, if the spectre is so powerful wouldnt every super villain be dead already? :biggrin:

as for 5-7

i know who hawkman and hawkgirl are, but who are the other 6?

as for wave 7, whos the heck is ambush bug?

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This helped me alot too.

Who is Star Sapphire?

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Ocean Master is Aquaman's Eeeeeeevil brother Orm, following his attempt at stealing Aquaman's trident and usurping Atlantis' throne, and getting his ass handed to him by his brother, Orm decided the best way to take over Atlantis would be to don a goofy looking suit and challenge Aquaman with his own psuedo-trident... though it seems to have done little to curtail the subsequent ass-handings that Aquaman has given him.

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The minimate version of Spectre is the classic Jim Corrigan version (or perhaps the generic, host-free Spectre that ran amok during Day of Vengence, if you like, although his face is too serene for that). The Hal Jordan version had a flaming circle in the middle of his chest, a one-piece suit that recalled his Green Lantern costume, and a Green Lantern mask.

Forgot, Star Sapphire: the Star Sapphire gem is like a Green Lantern ring, as another poster mentioned, but the gem acts as a parasite, taking over the mind of a host. The "classic" Star Sapphire is arguably none other than Carol Ferris, Hal's girlfriend! There have been other Star Sapphires (including a golden age one that battled the Jay Garrick Flash in the 40s) as well.

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Also The Spectre is the spirit of vengeance. And Justice/Punishment cannot outweigh a crime. Plus, he's got his handsfull all the time. THAT's why villains run amock ;)

If I can add to that, Spectre also tends to punish those who weren't going to be caught and punished by normal means eventually.

Another tidbit on Ocean Master. He made a deal with the demon Neron for more power, which is what that trident of his gives him. The bad part of the deal is that if he ever lets go of the trident, it causes him horrible pain.

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I usually use Wikipedia, but there were too many characters and too much writing on each one. Members on here can condense it much better.

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Share on other sites ares evil? i thought he was but im not sure.

I would say that most of the greek gods in the DCU are more ambiguous than good or evil. Which is what I like best about DC's use of them and they were best portrayed in the Greg Rucka run on Wonder Woman. Ares is only as evil as a god of war can be and is usually considered a villain only because he primarily comes into conflict with Wonder Woman.

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I usually use Wikipedia, but there were too many characters and too much writing on each one. Members on here can condense it much better.

Heh, yeah, Wikipedia's great, but sometimes, you don't need to read 10 pages about Star Sapphire when you just want the basics.

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Waves 5-7

The Marvels - Captain Marvel is the champion of the Wizard Shazam (the status quo for the characters has changed recently, but that's not worth going into at the moment) and possesses the powers of 6 patrons, including speed, wisdom, strength and flight. His identity is Billy Batson, a young boy who transforms into the Cap by saying the wizard's name, with accompanying lightning bolt. Mary is Mary Batson, and has the same stuff

Guy Gardner - another Green Lantern from Earth, would have been the first but Hal Jordan was closer. Belongs to the Green Lantern Corps (composed of 7200 Green Lanterns from different sectors of space). THis version is from the JLI era, when he was written as not too bright, in addition to his legendary lack of tact and enthusiasm. Certainly explains the bowl cut.

Kilowog - In charge of training all the Green Lanterns.

Red Tornado - sentient robot and air elemental, has power over wind. Not much fun to be in a lift with then.

Ma Hunkel - First female hero in DC, and important part of the JSA's history. No powers, but dressed up in a costume to fight crime in her neighbourhood

Cheetah - not sure, you'l have to get someone else to explain that one.

Bizarro - a backwards version of Superman. Can fly, has super strength, artic vision and heat breath. Generally prety stupid, and works in a reverse logic way. Talks backwards.

Supergirl - this version looks to be the standard one - Superman's cousin. Same powers as Superman. There was another one (Linda Danvers) who turned out to be some sort of elemental, but I'm not familiar with the story.

Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. - Stripe is Pat Dugan, formerly known as Stripesy and adult sidekick to the teen superhero the Star Spangled Kid, back in the 40s. The Kid got killed, and Stripesy retired. He married Courtney (Whitmore, Stargirl) mum, then Courtney found the belt that gave the Kid his powers (flight, increased speed and strength and numbing star bolts) and took it out for a spin. Pat built STRIPE (a robotic suit) to keep an eye on her. The Staff is a variation on the Cosmic rod used by the original Starman, who modified it when his son Jack took over. Jack gifted the staff to Courtney when he left being a hero to look after his son. The staff also allows flight, can fire bolts and can fire a holding beam sorta thing.

Sgt. Rock and Blackhawk - two WWII heroes, Rock the leader of Easy Company and BLackhawk the leader of the Blackhawks, a group of pilots. That's where my knowledge ends I'm afraid.

Nightwing is former Robin Dick Grayson. No powers, just Batmany training

Starfire is a princess from Tameran, and has the powers of flight, energy blasts, super strength and a very firey temper

Clayface is a shapeshifter and can morph himself into anything or one

Grodd is a renegade from Gorilla City, with mental abilities as well as being a gorilla

Lobo is the last Czarnian, because he killed all the rest. He can regenerate from a single drop of blood and is otherwise extremely strong and tough.

Ambush bug you've already been told about.

Hope that helps,


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the supergirl looks like the one from the superman/batman story arc. where she was used as a pawn in darksides (that is not how you spell his name I know) plan to destroy superman. good story if you have not read I would recommend it.

Thank you this thread was very helpful. I have the DC encyclopedia but this helps to break it down better.

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wave 5 help please! i need info on the marvels, gls and ma hunkel!

Hmm..let's see. The Marvels are Billy and Mary Batson. They get their powers from the wizard Shazam by saying his name. Each power is an aspect from a figure from Greek myth. I can't quite remember exactly how they all break down but SHAZAM comes from:







Guy Gardner was originally introduced as Hal's back-up. Essentially, he was just as worthy as Hal of receiving the ring from Abin Sur but Hal was closer. His history is a bit convoluted but he started off as kind of a hippie type. Later, when Jon Stewart was introduced, Guy was put into a coma where he remained until Crisis on Infinite Earths, when he ws brought back with his now trademark personality. As for Kilowog, he's the main instructor for new Green lantern recruits. Also, a total badass.

Ma Hunkel is the original Golden Age Red Tornado. She has no powers other than spunk, moxy, and a pot on her head. Also, she had a couple kid sidekicks called the Cyclone Kids.

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Ma Hunkel is the original Golden Age Red Tornado. She has no powers other than spunk, moxy, and a pot on her head.

Spunk!!!..... i've just lost any inclination to pose, play with or have any thing to do the Ma Hunkel :blink:

I don't even want to know what the pots for now


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thanks a ton for the help

as for ma hunkel, shes becoming custom parts, something that stupid dosent belong in the ranks of the dc awesomeness

Character wise, I'll agree, she is very weak. However she is a classic character and an important part of the JSA's rich history. IIRC she was the 1st female DC character. The fact that we're getting a minimate Ma before DCD does a 6" one just makes me giggle.

There are 4 figures consistently asked for by DCD collectors. Booster Gold (just recently done in both mate and 6" form) Blue Devil (coming from Mattel in the JLU line - but still no DCD figure), Ma Hunkle (minimate only) and Ambush Bug (minimate only).

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