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Here's your chance again to tell the masses what you think of the latest wave of DC minimates. Rant or rave and leave a score from 1 to 10. B!tch away!


WILDCAT:has to be one of my favorites from this wave of DC MMs. His look has always been simple and interprets well as a MM. Very nice sculpt on his mask and not just a simple paint job like the Batman cowls. The brows are sculpted in there. Kudos also for the hairpiece so we can all see Ted Grant sans mask. 10 / 10


STEEL:Another one of my favorites. This guy is just loaded with armor accessories. He's also got big honkin' boots that are one piece (like movie Juggernaut's), but these guys have holes in them. So if you have a spare C3 flight piece from the Superman / Darkseid set, you can pose ol' John Henry Irons soaring through the sky. I love the hammer accessory as well. Careful when taking his big gauntlet off. It's really stuck on his forearm good. Try soaking the piece in some boiling water to loosen it. 10 / 10


SPECTRE: Yet another member of the original JSA. Although he is one of the most powerful beings in the DCU this minimate is rather weak. Other than his neat hood and tweaked cape there isn't a whole lot to say about ol' Jim Corrigan. 7.5 / 10


GOLDEN AGE FLASH: The third member of the JSA in this series is almost perfect. The essence of Jay Garrick is captured beautifuly with this MM. My only problem is technical. His helmet / hairpiece sits to high on his head, giving him the appearance of a huge forehead. When looked at closely, you can see that his helmet rests flat on top of his head and does not sink down on the head piece at all. There in lies the only flaw. 9 / 10


DEADMAN: Like the Spectre, I find this MM rather boring. Yes it does capture the look of Boston Brand, but like me, he looks bored. 7.5 / 10


CYBORG SUPERMAN: This MM IS WITHOUT A DOUBT MY #1 FAVORITE OF THE SERIES. All the glory belongs to the intuitive scalp / face piece created for this character. I find that the little square hole and peg are the newest achievement in MM technology (if it can be defined as such). Glad to see that both the organic and robotic eyes line up together unlike the early prototype we all saw months earlier. 10 / 10


BATGIRL: Ahhh... the Bat Family is getting another member in MM form. This time it's the Barbra Gordon Batgirl. A very pretty MM with the cute cowl / hairpiece. I like the inclusion of the maskless hairpiece as well. There is a purse sculpted to her batbelt. My only negative (and it's minor) is the fact that Bab's facial expression is identical on the cowl and headpiece. 9.5 / 10


BANE: DC DIRECT has scored another direct hit with this 2.5" MM. Not only is Bane loaded with phenominal designs, he's got a wicked accessory in his venom administering unit. The hose clips to his bicep and the back of his mask. This is where I found a little surprise. HIS MASK COMES OFF, revealing his angry puss and buzz cut hair. 10 / 10

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Deadman (8) and Spectre (8)

My favourite pairing so far in the DC Direct Series, first out of the packet onto the shelf, both simple ashen looks capture the epic nature of both characters. However, I'm a bit dissappointed with the boots, all off-colour and ill-fitting.

Batgirl (9) and Bane (7)

All Batman family figures are welcome. Batgirl with hair is fabulous. Bane is a great figure, but marked down as I'm still unsure as to the merits of the 2.5" scale.

Wildcat (7) and GA Flash (8)

Both curious selections by DC, and while well executed, Wildcat failed to excite me. GA Flash in tandem with C3 Flash recreates one of the great moments in DC history, and the tin helmet look is unique always keeping GA Flash a man of the Forties. So a great figure except for the helmet itself sitting too high on his head, I'm with MINI_MYTE on this one. Bring on GA Green Lantern.

Cyborg Superman (6) and Steel (6)

This is an era of the Superman saga I did not enjoy and have little love for either character. I don't like the composite face as a separate layer on the Cyborg head, and not even Steel's hammer raises that figure above a middle of the road minimate.


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Soooo Far....


Uncanny!!!! Simple but Supurb!! Best Figure in the bunch!! 10/10

Jay Garrick

Amazing!!! Speedster with Style!! Couldnt be better unless it was Wally 10/10

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Steel, Cyborg Superman: 9/10 due to the detailing. These have all the little touches that have made the DC Mates so good. The only reason I deduct a point is the accesories in this wave was weak compared to others (I mean, I might as well be nitpicky in this thread about these, right?).

Batgirl, Spectre, Wildcat, Bane, GA Flash: 8/10 These get a one point deduction as they lack the detail of the two above, though in all fairness, the Spectre doesn't lend himself to a lot of detailing, so this probably isn't fair. He's a pretty plain design after all. But he's also a perfect representation of the character I think, the face, the plain costume etc, he looks like he jumped off the page and took life as a Mate. Ditto for the others.

Deadman: 7/10 I only knock poor Deadman because of the cheast piece. I don't mind it in and of itself, but it limits the head's movement, and for that there is another deduction.

Overall I think these are great additions, and am thrilled with more GA folks. The JSA group is coming along nicely!. Next wave adds the Hawks (JSA and JLA I suppose) and Captain Marvel, for the modern JSA.

Hurry next wave. Hurry.

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Steel: 10/10 Just a perfect recreation. All the little details that make minis great. The large S on the back of the cape rules.

The Cyborg: 10/10 Seriously perfect.. I want to paint a yellow ring on the guy and have him join the Sinestro Corp.

Golden Age Flash: 9/10 Great details in the boots and helmet. I like the darker, less shinny red on the shirt.

Wildcat: 9/10 Sorry folks, but I really loved these two sets.. can't complain

Batgirl: 9/10 The batgirl purse on the belt was a great touch. Hoped for a black hairpiece without the mask but i guess that was just in the TV show. :)

Bain: 8/10: Great 2.5 size and removable mask. Wish my venom cable stayed in its socket better

Specter: 8/10 Great recreation of a simple character, not much different they could have done. Love the removeable hood.

Dead Man: 8/10 Again, simple character that was done perfectly.. just not as exciting as Cyborg. :)

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I find that it'd difficult for me to rate this series fairly since I have my favorites and I have my not so favorites, meaning there are characters I would've rather seen before these (okay, well, just Bane, actually!)

The characters look spot on and I really can appreciate all the details. Rather than give them number scores since it's so hard and I really think they all deserve a 10/10 (even Bane, ugh!) I'll just comment on what I think could've been better included in the sets as room for improvement.

Deadman/Spectre: A Spear of Destiny with Spectre and a smirking face for Deadman instead a almost-Spectre-repeat.

Batgirl/Bane: A Batarang with a rope attached or even the same Batarang that Robin came with. And Bane? Sure, fine, he LOOKS the part... but I still wish it would've been Two-Face or Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy.

Wildcat/Flash: I don't think a seperate hairpeice for Jay would've been too much to ask. It might be pushing it, but a seperate helmet without hair for him would've been awesome.

Steel/Cyborg Superman: Removable helmet or seperate head of John Henry Irons without the mask.

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My 2 Cents (by moc847)

First of all, I would just like to say, I have always been a Marvel Kid. Sure I would read Bat Man and Superman, from time to time but I would always come back to Captain America, Spiderman, and Iron Man. Having said that, these DC Minimates are absolutely the best minimates to date. The attention to detail, the extra accessories. These are the way that minimates should be made. Marvel could learn a very valuable lesson from these. Eventhough I am highly anticipating Thor and Doctor Strange this year, it is the DC waves that have me frothing at the mouth, month after month.

I hope that these have sold well enough to carry on to future waves...fingers crossed.

Now on to the rating.

Wave 4:

Bat Girl 10:12 Always nice to add to the Bat Family.

Character Choice 4 out of 4. Always nice to see a new member of the bat-family. While bat girl is typically a b list hero, she is easily recognizable and translates well into a minimate design. Besides now I can have someone beotch slap Harley Quinn without feeling politically incorrect.

Sculpting / Paint 4 out of 4. The details added to Barbara set her off. The "purse" on the utility belt, the sly smirk on her face, the pull over full face mask.

Accessories 2 out of 4. The "unmasked hair piece" is without a doubt a nice touch. New sculpt, fits well and looks better, but I am an accessory whore, like most of you here, I want the batarang, the grappling gun, the bat lip stick something...

Bane 10:12 Bat Man has one of the most easily recognized Rouges Gallery and Bane brings some back breaking clout with him.

Character Choice 4 out of 4. It is always hard to hate a villian in a toy line because there just isn't enough of them. While my personal preference would have been a Two Face or Poison Ivy, there is no denying the fact that Bane once "broke the bat", and he makes a menacing presence in a line of adorable characters.

Sculpting / Paint 3 out of 4. The sculpting added to Bane, really show the detail DCD is paying for in this line. The venom line that attaches to his mask is a great touch. The surprise of this one was the fully designed head under the pull over full face mask. This I was not expecting, but love none the less. The ONLY reason this this did not get the full 4 points, is his scale. Yes I realize that he is a big guy, yes I realize he broke batmans back over his knee. But I can not help thinking he would look better at the 2 inch scale. He just seems "too big" as a 2.5 figure. Killer Croc suffered the same problem with his mini, but like i said..hard to hate a villian.

Accessories 3 out of 4. Not much to really put in with Bane, maybe a teddy bear, maybe a container of venom? I mean the guy works using his hands. So I will give him a 3 for the venom line on his arm and mask...and call it done.

WildCat 8:12 bring on the bruiser.

Character Choice 3 out of 4. I will be honest, if it wasn't for the JLU cartoon I wouldn't know too much about Wild Cat. I did have a comic book from when I was a snot nosed lad, that had Bat Man and Wild Cat in a boxing ring with these brass knuckles, and Wild Cat is beating the hell out of old Bats. Inside the book he was riding a "cat cycle" that I thought was pretty cool...but that was it. Now having been a fan of the JLU, I grew to really dig wild cat, so for that his score leaps up to 3.

Sculpting / Paint 3 out of 4. Simple, plain and effective. Removable mask, and good facial detail.

Accessories 2 out of 4. The "unmasked hair piece" looks good, and shows his "age of character". Once again though what do you give a guy that uses his fists alone to stop evil doers?

Golden Age Flash 6:12 Who ordered flowers from FTD?

Character Choice 2 out of 4. My name is Darren and I am a Wally West fan. I know there is the whole speed force thing and the mythos of the speed carriers from the past, but I don't know squat about the golden age flash other than he looks like the FTD Mercury guy, sorry.

Sculpting / Paint 3 out of 4. Love the boots, (these will also soon gracy my Captain America. The hat..while cool is too high on his head, if it were hollowed out to sit down on his noggin it would look better. The face and costume do look really good though, I am thinking of a flash gordon custom with some blonde hair and a laser blaster.

Accessories 1 out of 4. So why doesn't this guy get an "unmasked hair piece"? or a speed wind base for his feet?

Deadman 7:12 Sometimes Dead is Better

Character Choice 3 out of 4. While I didn't read much of the deadman comics as a child, his look was always very eye catching. and he had this quality that I couldn't tell if he was evil or good. Being older I have done some back reading and really think he is a cool character.

Sculpting / Paint 2 out of 4. Love the look of the collar, but is does limit the head movement, and the robin shoes, ehhh... but the face and body detailing is nice, and I think it looks good in the minimate style. I guess the only thing I would have liked to see was maybe some translucent legs so show his astral projection, but still a good mini.

Accessories 2 out of 4. Lets see the dude is bald, no weapons...yea i don't think we are missing much here.

Spectre 7:12 So a cape and underwear...huh

Character Choice 2 out of 4. While I don't know squat about the spectre, his pale visage, and cloaked form look the part. I am sure there are some DC people that are really digging this guy, so for them I am glad he was made.

Sculpting / Paint 3 out of 4. Love the seperate hood (wish Dr Doom was that way too) as it allows for head turns, the rest is a pretty simple design, but it does translate well into minimate form.

Accessories 2 out of 4. Again, i don't think we are missing much here.

Cyborg Superman 10:12 Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

Character Choice 4 out of 4. I was reading comics around the death of superman, and out of all of the replacements during the reign of the superman, the cyborg was always my favorite. This visually shocking representation of one of the most loved characters of all time was great, and then he turned out to be a bad guy...sign me up! I admit the whole "reed richards" connection that was revealed later was a let down, but the character model was pretty Marvel for DC and I liked it.

Sculpting / Paint 4 out of 4. What can I say, the flesh piece for the head, lines up great. The robot face beneath looks great (hello terminator, and metallo customs). This is a great minimate. The same details are used on the cape as the original Superman minimate, and who can blame them, as it works well here too.

Accessories 2 out of 4. None really needed.

Steel 11:12 Shaq attack my arse.

Character Choice 4 out of 4. Like I said I enjoyed the reign storyline, and John Irons was a cool "iron man" for the DC universe and he does the line proud in his mini version.

Sculpting / Paint 3 out of 4. What a great minimate! the gauntlets, the cape, the S shield, the boots. This one is a great one!! So why a 3? Simply put, we needed to have John Henry's mug under the armor. nuff said.

Accessories 4 out of 4. The Hammer. NICE

and that is my 2 cents


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Just got back from my LCS with them. They had misplaced the case but found them yesterday. So as soon as I open them and check them out I will post my rating of them. Excited!

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What a great set hard to find really any faults with any of them. I give Flash, Batgirl, Wildcat, Cyborg Superman and Steel a percect ten out of ten. As for Bane (one of my favorite characters) while I think his figure is very accurate it seems to me to be too big. I know what they were trying to accomplish but he seems way too large to me, they might have gone with a big chested normal sized mate. So I give it an 8 out of 10. But that's most likely due to personal preference. Deadman and the Spectre, they're nearly perfect just find their Peter Pan feet a little clumsy. DM doesn't seem to fit into them right and Spectre's bump against his cape and make him lean forward a bit too much. Other then that perfect so I say 9's for them. Five 10's and two 9's make this the most impressive set so far in the new line at least for me. Heres a picture I did.


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After spending a few days with these guys, I'll chime in.

Steel- 9.5/10 This is really a great mate. He works really well in the minimate form- one of my favorites from the line. Some people may not like the character, but he really looks cool- and looking cool is half the battle right? At first I didn't mind his lack of removable helmet, but now I'm really wishing I could get a glimpse of John Henry's face. All in all, great chest/cape piece, gauntlets, and hammer. He'd be perfect if he could take off his helmet.

Cyborg- 9/10 Another great mate. He really creeps me out with that half face thing going on. In fact, that face really makes the mate. All around, the details are nice and this is another that visually works in minimate form. He loses a point because, and yes this proves how spoiled I am, he doesn't have an interchangeable gun arm and American flag. Sure you can take his hand off so his arm looks kind of like a gun, but I would like to have seen a little more inspiration in his accesory department. Come on, that is one of my favorite comic covers ever.

Spectre- 5/10 While so many characters in this wave work great in minimate form, Spectre falls a bit short. His hood and cape are nice, as is his facial expression which is perfect for the Spirit of Vengence. But his stark white form with grey details doesn't do it for me. I would have prefered black detailing. And I hate, HATE his gloves. Something about the painted on cuff looks really off to me, like maybe he's got really fat forearms. I don't know. I think with black detailing and sculted gloves, the Spectre could have gone a lot farther.

Deadman- 8/10 This is what I expect out of a mate. Good detailing. Good expression. And sure his collar might get in the way, but Deadman wears a huge goofy collar. I'd rather lose a little movement and have the collar than keep the movement and not have the collar.

Wildcat- 8/10 Another cool mate that doesn't dissappoint. Like Deadman, it's this kind of mate that really defines the DC line. Consistently good. The detailing on Wildcat's mask is really great. I don't know much about the character, but I'm loving this mate.

Flash- 7.5/10 So, from the forehead down he looks really cool. Well, from about halfway down the forehead he looks really good. Seriously, if my power were running really fast, I'd probably wear my hat further down my head. It looks like it's about to fly off. Which may have been the point, but it doesn't work. The high hat really detracts from an otherwise nice mate.

Batgirl- 8.5/10 Who doesn't love a red head?

Bane- 7.5/10 At first I was pumped for a big Bane, but now I'm not sure if 2.5 was the way to go. Something looks off. Maybe a belt and chest piece would have added some height and weight to a smaller size. Size questions aside, his details are nice. The venom injection system is super cool. Nice face underneath that mask. One thing I really like about his maskless face is that it's well centered. Too bad I can't say the same thing for his mask. The masked face sits very low on his head. And it isn't big enough. I think maybe it's not the size of Bane that feels off, just the size of the masked face. Like Flash's helmet, this really does some damage.

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Yeah I just think that Steel Minimate is fantasic. I'm working on some action shots of him duking it out with Lex and Cyborg right now. I'd love for them to do a Metallo minimate preferably based on his Animated look.

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I would just like to say in general that this wave is superb. They've really out done themselves I particularly like the cyborg Superman.

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I just got wave 4 yesterday and I figured I'd take a crack at some ratings. No words, just numbers based on my gut reaction when I look at each one.

Deadman: 7/10

The Spectre: 7.5/10

Wildcat: 8.5/10

The Flash: 8/10

Cyborg: 9/10

Steel: 9.5/10

Batgirl: 9/10

Bane: 9.5/10

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I just picked up the Batgirl/Bane and the Steel/Cyborg packs and I'm really impressd.

Batgirl- Pretty much perfect love the sculped purse, that was a nice suprise

Bane- Looks really good, I dig the venom tubes and the removable mask is a nice plus too.

Steel- Wow I really think this is a fantastic 'mate the details are right on and for a bulky character he poses very well.

Cyborg- The best of the bunch. The head is spectacular, he looks pissed, great job.

I'll grab the others maybe next week. These four sold me on the rest of the wave.

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