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Official SDCC Zombie 2-pack Want List


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TBT! and I are going to do our best to get as many Marvel Zombies Minimates 2-pack sets as the fine members of the MMMV desire. If you are interested in this set and ARE NOT GOING TO SDCC 2007, here are the rules and procedures. READ THEM.

1. You must be a member of the Minimate Multiverse in good standing on or before June 25th.

2. There is a 2 set limit.

3. You must pay before we ship.

4. All shipping is done via USPS Priority or International Priority Mail.

5. You will pay exact shipping, no handling.

6. Do not put your name on the list, unless you are serious.

7. Post in this thread with the number of sets you would like (one or two).

8. We offer no guarantee of purchase, just trying to help folks out if we can. There is a chance we will not get enough.

9. This list is for the Marvel Zombies Minimates 2-pack only. Do not post asking for anything else.

Once we get these, we will confirm orders as they were recieved. Oviously, we will not begin to get the sets until the Con begins.

I'd like to limit this to Paypal transactions as much as possible, just to make it easier on us all. However, I am willing to work with those who do not use Paypal.

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If possible, i'd also like to be added to the list for these minimates too, which by the way is a very generous offer.

I haven't been a member for long and only ever posted a few times, but i've been lurking for a while.

Are you also willing to ship to the UK?

I only want 1 pack and do have paypal so there wont be issues regarding payment & shipping costs.

Also can you PM to let me know if this is ok?

Obviously i know it depends on how many you can get, just would like to know if i'm on the list.

Also, will you email when the time comes or just PM?



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