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I've just been watching the Man with No Name trilogy (otherwise known as the Dollars trilogy) on Encore, and I'm really psyched about the potential with this line. How awesome would it be to get boxed sets based on each of the three movies?! I don't think any of the movies have the cast to support full blown waves of characters, as the movies usually boil down to a conflict between two or three people, but they would still make for some interesting groupings.

For A Fistful of Dollars, you'd have The Man With No Name ("Joe") grouped with Ramon Rojos and John Baxter. An expanded collection would feature more of the Rojos and Baxters, and perhaps Piripero, Silvanito, Marisol and her family. Unique accessories would include the "bulletproof vest" that Clint uses in the climax of the movie, the coffin in which Clint escapes San Miguel, or perhaps the giant barrel with which Clint kills some of the bandits with.

For a Few Dollars More would have to have The Man With No Name ("Monco"), Col. Douglas Mortimer, and El Indio. Expanded collection would feature more of Indio's gang. Unique accessories would include the safe, Indio's pocket watch, saddlebags full of money, or perhaps a wagon full of dead bad guys.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly would naturally have The Man With No Name ("Blondie"}. Angel Eyes, and Tuco. An expanded collection (this being the best movie for more than three characters) would include Confederate and Union soldiers, Father Pablo Ramirez, Bill Carson, Wallace, Al Mulock, the Drunken Union Captain, and Angel Eyes' band of villains. Unique accessories would include Tuco's bathtub, a shovel, bags of gold, dynamite, handcuffs, a canteen, Tuco's umbrella, the blank rock, a canon, a noose, or perhaps even the coffin/headstone of Arch Stanton and Unknown.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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