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Favorite Marvel Minimate


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Honestly there are so many Minimates I prefer the updated versions




Civil War Cap is my favorite Cap



it keeps going but I won’t  


and then there’s Symbiote Spider-Man. Who I’m convinced cannot be improved. 

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Wave 2. Never looked better. Sometimes comic accurate shading really makes a Minimate stand out as particularly beautiful. But the wave 2 Symbiote… mm… something about pure white on pure black is how I always wanted that suit to be. 

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Wow, nice to see old discussion threads like this being revived.  My favourite minimate, not for the character but for the design, is (to my surprise) probably the first taskmaster release. I just think it nailed the look of his first appearance perfectly and has a lot of cool accessories.  Honourable mentions to valkyrie and strange tales morbius too though.

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I think I've had the same top 5 Marvel mates forever, and some are probably headscratchers for some folks. But, these are my personal favorites...

My #1 Marvel mate is:

-Nick Fury Jr./Commander Rogers

The rest of my top five in no particular order:

-Wave 31 Angel (blue costume)

-The Sentry (Dark Avengers boxset)

-Mr. Fantastic (wave 2 best of)

- Iron Man (best of/greatest hits)

... and a new contender is Gladiator, which might move into my top 5 soon...

These are my favorites, not claiming they are the best made. just my favorites... Also, two of my top 5 favorite characters didn't even make it. I love Thor and Colossus. I don't think good enough versions of either have been made. I can get an almost perfect Thor by mixing and matching, but i'd love an official one that i didn't feel the need to mess with. Colossus has other issues, he's a super tough one to get right. The official ones either look too puny, or too clunky (with tiny arms and legs) He's one of a few that i feel should be at 2.5" scale (but would probably look out of place) I've liked the thinner torso jackets/shirts/etc.. and if he ever was redone might need some updated boots and torso cover and boots similar to version 1. I just think he's hard to get perfect...

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On 11/13/2021 at 5:21 PM, buttheadsmate said:


Silver age Angel .....I reckon I'll be lonely with that choice but that one is an almost perfect Minimate .

Probably because you're lonely in owning it! :angry::D

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