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Hello! I've just become an enthusiast, up from contributor, so very exciting! Just wanted to say I always thought the badges were quite cool indeed, and was hoping to open the floor to features y'all recommend, enjoy, or even would like to see!


I wonder if we could have likes or reactions or anything like that; there's so much here I enjoy but that'd make me quite annoying if I quoted it all, all the time


Would it be easy to beef out Mini Figure Factions? scratch that actually it's probably blasphemy, y'all probably would rather see it condensed idk I feel like Mez-Its were quite important but I understand the big emphasis there is on were... please never decimate the Palz subforum tho!


also I bloody love this place, and have no real understanding of what it takes to make it run or do things like I've mentioned, so sorry if this post seems rude/cavalier, thanks for reading :)



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