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What do you consider to be the best Spider-Man Minimate?


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Back for a third round, this time with Marvel's (debatably) most popular character (aside from the other guy in red tights, who carries katanas and S.M.G.s around and eats chimichangas...); ol' Spidey himself!

It's possible that Spider-Man is the one character with the most Minimates dedicated to him, period, across all Minimate lines, not just Marvel. With all the web-head's various looks over the years, accompanied by both Art Asylum and Diamond's various attempts at interpreting those looks in that timeframe, what do you consider Diamond's most solid attempt?

Given that Spider-Man is my favorite character in all of fiction, I have several picks, covering a variety of the character's costumes;

  • Classic suit - either Wave 24 Classic Spider-Man or Torment Spider-Man
  • Black suit - Wave 24 Back in Black Spider-Man
  • Scarlet Spider suit - T.R.U. Wave 24 Scarlet Spider
  • Iron Spider - T.R.U. Wave 21 Iron Spider
  • Movie suit - Wizard World Exclusive Spider-Man 3 Red Spider-Man
  • Civilian Peter Parker - hodgepodge of Wave 24 Classic Spidey's Peter Parker head and torso, Wave 24 Back in Black Spidey's alt. hairpiece, and Wave 18 Peter Parker's arms, jacket, and legs.

Again post your picks below.

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95 Spider-Man Minimates & you want the best ? Best o'luck with that. 

Me ? Almost 20 years on & Wave 2 Spider-Man (Black) is IMHO not only the best Spider-Man but nigh on the best  Minimate . 2nd. would be (strangely enough considering your choices ) the Black SM3 Wizard version .    

Unfortunately 'the best' SM Minimate should also have the Silver SM considered . A promo ,a gift, overpriced & beautiful.

Either of the `Heroic Age' versions should also be considered .


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Those are fair.

For me, if we're going for any of the Romita Sr.-influenced Spideys, my favorite would have to be the Heroes Box Set version. I got it along with the Villains Set Green Goblin in that T.R.U. 2-pack back in 2009 as part of my first ever set of Minimates. While I do prefer the Wave 24 Spider-Man just for aesthetics, I definitely think the Heroes Box Set version is a stellar figure, and I would recommend it to anyone trying to obtain a '60s Marvel display as probably the definitive Spider-Man of that era.

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For Classic, I’m gonna give it to Best Of Spidey with the web wings. Whether it’s a particular comic Spidey or not, it’s very Spider-Man to me. Big eyes. Cute little symbol. Bright colors. 

as far as alt looks, Zombie spider man hands down. 

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That SM3 2-pack is amazing. I love both of those Spider-Men.
The introduction of the *thwip* hands with the Maximum Carnage Wave puts that one higher on my list than it probably otherwise would have been
Zombie Spidey and Web-Armor Spidey are also some really cool designs.

Where is the love the Riot Attack Spider-man?

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It's not exactly a classic costume, but the printing on Cosmic Spider-Man was just beautiful. It was crisp and clean with little/no bleed through. 

But if we're looking at Spidey's actual costume, it's really hard for me to go past the bright blue and red on the wave 2 and wave 4 figures. If you were keen for a bit more body shape/shading, then Greatest Hits wave 1 is also a beautiful figure. 

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Outside of Spider-Sense as an excellent "classic standard," I am also very fond of:

1) The comic-accurate W41/TRU11 "Unmasked" Peter Parker: from the Goblin two-pack, with the rope accessory, I love that it recreates the classic cover. A perfect two-pack.


2) Six-Armed Spider-Man -- even though the arms don't always stay on the bracket so well, I love that they did this version.


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