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Robocop Minimates


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When I saw the John Wick VHS box, and the Transformers & TMNT VHS boxes, I was inspired to imagine a Robocop box set, or sets. It would look pretty g-d sweet:


If you could only do four Mates, you'd have to do Robocop, Boddicker, Alex and either Anne or mutated Emile. I think an  ED-209 Vinimate would be brilliant as a companion piece, and they could do two, maybe a "clean" one with a Kinney Minimate (the boardroom victim), and a damaged one with a damaged Robocop Minimate.

Deeper cuts would be e.g. more of Clarence's gang, TJ Lazer, Dick Jones and Bob Morton.

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Must haves in order of importance:

Emil with an extra melty head and hands
"I'd buy that for a dollar!" guy.
Dick Jones
Bob Morton
"Mind if I zip up" guy.

Nice to have:

OCP Number 2 (Johnson?)
OCP President
Police Sargent

Maybe a Crazy 88 style army builder set of cops for when they gang up on Murphy.


Cop car - cop character as pack in - not sure who
6000-SUX with Detroit Mayor (though I'll accept anything that goes really fast and gets really shitty gas mileage)

OCP Boardroom Playset - with unfortunate ED-209 victim pack in. - swappable swiss cheese torso

I would also love every suicidal model from the montage in Robocop 2.


And yet again I 2nd another elhonez suggestion. In this case VHS packaging would be awesome!

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38 minutes ago, elhonez said:

I'm fairly adamant about a TJ Lazer figure, even though he's only onscreen for a fraction of a second. In a flashback. On an old CRT TV.

OK it's a pipe dream... :laugh:

A TV would be a great box set accessory. With a screen sticker pack so you could have TJ Lazer, "I'd buy that for a dollar", or the various hilarious commercials. (Sunblock 5000, 6000-SUX with dinosaur, car anti-theft device).

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Robocop would be lots of fun.

Especially if we got some of the human baddies that we're never getting anywhere else.

Some ED-209.

I doubt it will happen, but back in the old days of Mates, this would have been one they could have easily done two or three sets on depending on how deep they wanted to go.

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I could see this working like the old BTTF license, where each movie gets a four pack with some bonuses and deluxe figure sets.  I could see it like:


Robocop 1 with Robo (grey), Lewis, Bodickker, and either the Old Man or the Melting Man

Robocop 2 with Robo (pearlescent), The Kid, Robocop 2 [with extra Kaine Brain], and Dr Faxx

Robocop 3 with Jet pack Robo, Otomo, The kid, Chief Reed.

Then I'd hope for exclusives of a bloodied Murphy, Battle Damaged Robo, Vandalized Robo, and random thugs.

And finally a deluxe set of ED 209 both in his Robo 1 and Robo 3 incarnations, ala the delorean.


Not that I've thought of this line for a while.  If only it would happen.

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