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D&D 80s Cartoon

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On 10/11/2022 at 6:04 AM, Nervous Rex said:

My guess is it will be like the old D&D toy horses. The legs are sculpted on the side, and the torso sits on a peg on top(the old toy would just pop into the horse with little springlike trap door on top ... Its how I always felt minimates horses, and maybe motorcycles might be done.

Correct. So anyone can ride it, but they have Venger's legs. Also, their horse is totally evil. 

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Playmobil horses are a little big but I think they look fantastic with minimates!

Maybe the minimate horse will jockey for position and end up in the winners circle. Whether it wins places or shows, I'll probably pony up the dough for it unless I can rein in my desire. For now I'm chomping at the bit to see them in person. DST better not saddle us with a poor quality product.

- just for you bhm. lol

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Medicom (kubrick Planet of the Apes) achieved a suitable compromise by designing a saddle that allowed the (kubricks') legs to fit into .....20 years ago ,simple enough?

Why not follow the same path ,then any Minimate can sit on any horse :rolleyes: 

Beta Ray Bill an horse God (see what I did there?) was the closest we'd previously got . 




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I'm sure I speak for many (and risk beating a dead one) when I say it's an absolute treat to watch you pair dropping the wordplay at such a gallop; a bit of a colt following for you funnymen and your horsing around no doubt but I digress. On to the mane event though, in chasing up bhm's (as ever) lovely bit of block figure history I discovered there's a (seemingly rather successful but I suppose they all say that) racehorse named Kubrick in my state (QLD) and for the first time ever I feel the pull of the punt 😛 whaddya reckon gang, yay or neigh? 

It behooves us to pay respect to such a momentous moment in minimate memory, and sorry to buck up such a stable thread with such an off brand aside, just thought it was funny and not trying to be the centaur of attention or anything.. obviously I'm incredibly excited for the history making first minimate horse and hope the persistent legs won't be too much of a nightMare, y'know not stirrup too much trouble more spur on conversation: the glue that binds us all together Cosmonaut Kramer often said: giddy up ;) 

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good few typos mainly tense issues, Kramer bit left intentionally obtuse and honestly I might've added a pun somebody stop me (pls no ban)
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On 10/15/2022 at 7:00 AM, SignatureChoice said:

 racehorse named Kubrick in my state (QLD) and for the first time ever I feel the pull of the punt 😛 whaddya reckon gang, yay or neigh? 

Hay or neigh was RIGHT THERE!

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Solicitation image! And the text from Diamond: 

Enter the Dragons! Diamond Select Toys' first product from Dungeons & Dragons comes to you from the animated world of the D&D cartoon of the 1980s! This deluxe box set of six 2-inch Minimates includes the entire team of heroes: Bobby the Barbarian, Diana the Acrobat, Eric the Cavalier, Hank the Ranger, Presto the Magician and Sheila the Thief! Plus, get a tiny figurine of Uni the Unicorn! Each Minimate features multiple points or articulation and character-specific accessories, and all parts are fully interchangeable! They come packaged in a full-color, book-styled window box with a fifth-panel cover.

Our preorders are here, and other stores should have theirs up soon.  


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8 hours ago, THE_CRIPPLER said:

It would have been really cool if Presto came with a regular hair piece and a hat that he can hold on to to pull things out of like in the cartoon. These still look amazing otherwise and I can't wait to get them.

He does. They showed it at the NYCC display. Shiela had a seperate hair piece too. 88BEB537-816A-4DB4-ABF0-E78489A3134B.jpeg

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