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SDCC 2022 DST Exclusives

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On 5/20/2022 at 2:51 PM, DSTZach said:

The fourth character has been replaced, and is a civilian. Waiting to hear if it will make the show. 

Hmmm. the two civilians that pop into my head would be The Viper (fingers crossed) or Hector Ramirez (who has ties to other shows like Transformers and Jem)

unless its something like a Larry Hama minimate, which would be pretty cool too!

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Did we already guess Sesame Street for the Mystery License? I think we did.

I guess I am just trying to squint to see how it could be something other than pro wrestling.


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10 hours ago, Dave said:

could the mystery license be gargoyles?


Not unless there’s currently a running show of Gargoyles. Mystery License is still on the air. 

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2 hours ago, HellfireSamurai said:

How about some Law & Order minimates? That has been going for awhile.

svu two packs w benson & stabler + tutuola & munch

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Posted (edited)

I really liked the Jeff Goldblum L&O and I quite enjoyed Criminal Intent overall.

If we're getting L&O, I think Michael Cutter is underrated.

Also you gotta have a Jack McCoy.

Goldblum's Raines was also a wildly underrated show.


Also I know we're not getting L&O.


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