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Top 5 Unmade Classic X-Men Heroes (who are yours?)


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Love all these lists.  Marrow is a great  choice. Love seeing her on so many peoples lists. It's hard to draw the line for heroes/villains  these days. Most people on my wants list have been both.

If it's characters that have *never* had a minimate, I'd want:
Deathbird  (she's worked with the X-Men before. She counts!)

but I'm totally up for costume variants of some of the non-Wolverine mutants like 90s X-Force Sunspot, 90s X-Force Warpath, All New X-23, or a real Hellfire Sebastian Shaw.
I'd also eat up more AOA sets if we got Storm, Colossus, Abyss, Shadowcat, etc...

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My X-Men reading is more the classic Blue an Yellow team. So Any pick would for me be from that era and prob be villians.


Mimic my top pick

First time I saw Super Adaptoid was in a X-men comic so he fits

Ka-Zar Savage land plays a big part in X-men stuff over the years so I'm surprised no Ka-Zar

Angel in his yellow an red outfit. I know its horrid, lol

Red Raven I'm a sucker for old superhero war comics like The Invaders so anychance I get of maybe a Liberty Legion character I'm taking it


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