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factory mess up

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I think, generally speaking, factory mess-ups are more of a curiosity than a value generator. Even in major lines with retail presence and broader interest, something like "so-and-so upside-down on card" is almost too rare to be valuable, if that makes sense. A variant or mistake would have to be widespread enough for there to be awareness about it to drive interest and create demand.

(I also recognize that this is just academic, and "HooliganJae" with his single post was likely just probing around to see if he had inadvertently won the lottery)

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As a completist (= nutjob needing help) I have accumulated several 'alternatively' packaged production minimates . The first that come to mind are those ' Ultimate Avengers 2 DVD pack-ins '  , totally worthless to everybody except nutters like me . I do however love the fact that the actual minimates 'packed-in' are subtly different to their mainstream counterparts . Ivan's Database categorises many other oddities , I spent years chasing the French language Canadian Multilingual packages ...I have them all & if you ask me to find them & show you  them would take weeks but I have them . Lord of the Rings (French) ? Yep. I could go on . 

Packaging mess-ups ? They're mess-ups & should have been consigned to the bin ........I'm an ex-packaging printer BTW.:rolleyes:

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