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2003 til infinity

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howdy y’all

i’ve been collecting pretty much from the jump, Marvel is what pulled me in. the logan & storm 2-pack was the start of my collection and there have been a couple times where my interest has wained (different priorities, or mostly characters that i don’t really care to have) but over the last couple years i’ve been picking up some of the things i’ve missed and it feels good. currently i’ve got about 450, and other than a few grail items/army builders i think i’m about done for now lol.

i have watchmen, x-files, and the man with no name trilogy as well. i held on to some C3/DC and i sold my LOTR stuff a while back. the new transformers, gi joe, and power rangers sets look good! too bad i’m not that big of a fan, but i’m excited to see what else comes down the line and to chat with other MiniManiacs!

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really enjoying browsing around here, thanks everyone! my pics aren’t nearly as cool as the ones i’ve been seeing around on ig and the like from a few of you guys but if you’re on reddit i’m u/minifig_vig

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