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Desert Island DST

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Some of you are perhaps inferring from the title that this thread will be a blatant rip-off of BBC Radio's Desert Island Discs program, and you'd be absolutely correct.

For those not familiar, folks appearing on the program are interviewed about which eight records, book and 'luxury' item they'd most like to be stranded with were they stranded/marooned on a comfortable desert island catering to their survival needs. Obviously my pinching the format is a massive endorsement and if that sounds cool to you then do go search up some of your favourite Brits with the programs name and should they have appeared it's always a light and enlightening listen and many spin-offs of the exquisite format exist. 

All that transparency begets the question my thread poses proper, which eight minimates would you most like to have with you were you to be spending a while in some of safe yet secluded isolation, be it stranded on cosy islands or in perhaps more modern spin, in hotel quarantine or some sort of spacehopping situation. Feel free to chime also with books, luxury items or indeed records also. It's poor form not to post my own list but rest assured one I'll be posting one here once I whittle my list down.


So the question is, which eight minimates would you like to have with you were you stranded and stuck with your own company in a safe and comfortable setting?

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Oh this one is easy for me

1. TRU Spider Sense Peter Parker

2. TRU Chameleon

3. Green Goblin from the Unmasked Spidey set

4. Venom (the purple one with a symbiotic spidey under him)

5. Kingpin (TRU)

6. Frontal Assault Punisher

7. Lizard (Luke’s Toy Store Exclusive)

8. Kraven (the recent one)

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My favorite thing about Minimates is all the different licensed properties. I'd want to take this as an opportunity to select eight characters from their respective universes and gather them on the island.

Alien - Isolation Xenomorph

Battlestar Galactica - Lt. Boomer

Buck Rogers - Wilma Deering

DC - Green Arrow

Lost in Space - Robot B-9

Marvel - Daredevil

Star Trek - Captain Sisko

Tomb Raider - Battle-damaged Lara Croft

I think that would be a fun story.

(If DST ever offers classic Planet of the Apes Minimates, someone's getting bumped for Zira!)


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Legacy Picard (From the two pack with Hugh the Borg)

Superman (the one in the two pack with Battle Armor Luthor)

Snake Eyes

Optimus Prime

Uhura (from the Mirror Mirror box set)

Dana Barrett (from the Ghostbusters Series 1 box set)

Falcon (from the Falcon and Winter Soldier series two pack with Baron Zemo)

I think these would be my seven picks for the ones I would want on a Desert Isle.

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1) Snake Eyes

2) "Kaine Parker" Scarlet Spider (box & show may call him Ben Reilly but none of us are fooled)

3) Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider

4) Nightwing

5) Captain America (Age of Ultron- best MCU Cap to me since I like the white on his biceps compared to his other suits)

6) Lobo

7) Nightstorm Predator

8 ) my kitbash Dan Ketch Ghost Rider

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I limited myself to just Marvel. And I really tried to keep it to eight. BUT I FAILED. 

1. Doctor Doom (Best of)

2. Juggernaut (Excalibur)

3. Warlock (New Mutants)

4. Spiral

5. Apocalypse (Axis)

6. Doctor Octopus (Deadly Foes)

7. Beta Ray Bill (W42)

8. Surtur

Plus Five: Hobgoblin (Heroic), Jack o' Lantern, Stilt-Man, Dreadnought, Blade (First Appearance)

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On 11/18/2021 at 2:17 PM, MisterPL said:

🤓 👍  You like the flat colors, too?

Shiny happy people  minimates are rarely my favourites .


There are very few moulded ,unpainted plastic Minimates that I can stomach ....worst of all are the 'marriages' .....'mates that are part -painted  & part- moulded -unpainted .....that would be personified by FF Thing .  

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Done exactly as you describe......... that would be a beautiful 'mate  .

 I was going to qualify my remark about my 'dislike' of 'mouldy' Minimates but I'm pretty sure that most of us (?) appreciate the evolution of the Minimate away from the early coloured unpainted plastic figures to the what we generally get these days .  

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