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Parts Question(s) - Looking for Advice or Specific Bits

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I have a specific question, but thought I'd also create this thread for anyone else like me looking for suggestions or insights about MM parts. So feel free to pile on and/or co-opt.

My question:

Is there a MiniMate that comes with black boots, but white cuffs?



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Didn't know where else to put this.

Anyone have a quick custom for Mister Hyde specifically the Marvel Thunderbolts version?

I was thinking Mr. FIxit body, Bashee's screaming face and Harvey Bullock's Hat/Hair. 


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Seamus McFly might have a better hat for that Hyde, but his hair doesn't line up quite as well. You could dremel it a bit or take an x-acto to it. You could even cut all the hair off, and display it with the hat backwards for a low-on-the-brow look.

I agree that Fixit might be the closest you'll get to the right body -- Kingpin's chest is closer to this suit look, but... he fat.


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