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DST SDCC 2021 Exclusives

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14 hours ago, MisterPL said:

It's great that Zach is giving away free swag but is anyone else a little concerned about why he's suddenly purging his Minimates? 😬

They're not MY Minimates, they're the company's. I put aside a few of each every time a promo passes through my grubby little paws, saving them for "marketing purposes." With Minimate releases held up for one reason or another, I thought I'd keep everyone's spirits up with some giveaways. They've been sitting in a box for years, so it's not like they were taking a prominent space in my collection. 

I'm not getting out of the market ahead of a crash or anything like that. There are some changes coming, but I think they will be for the better. 

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4 minutes ago, youbastards said:

@DSTZach Any idea when we might expect to learn more about these 'changes' that you have dropped hints about?  

Yes. I would love to know what these changes are too. I have a feeling that we will be seeing 4-packs instead of 2-packs at Walgreens sometime in the near future. I would be fine with that. The larger packaging will make them stand out more at the stores and hopefully attract more attention to them.

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I have always loved the promos.  Yes, they can sometimes be a struggle for completists like myself, but they are usually fun to hunt.

Thanks Zach for the giveaways!

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