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DST SDCC 2021 Exclusives

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DST sent out an email promoting their upcoming SDCC exclusive reveals. I sincerely doubt that they will have any Minimates (it's been years since there was a Minimate con exclusive) but I thought it possible that they might have something for GI Joe or Transformers. Heck, since it's the Hasbro license maybe they will make Rom or Micronauts or something. A fella can dream, can't he?

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I'm hoping the Hasbro license will usher in the new golden age of minimates.

Next year will be the 50th annversary of Godfather, the 40th anniversary of Rocky III and the 15th anniversary of the Ghost Rider wave. Since minimates will be so popular, they can release these as con exclusives! :)

Add clean Bishop, Ferro and a dropship and we're set!

Also I want to win the lottery and have flight powers.

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Going off of Zach's "expectations" comment, here are my guesses based on DST's recent licenses and other announcements.

- Tron/Sark 2-pack in the retro clear plastic style of Tomy.  They already have the tooling from the Kingdom Hearts line, so that would be an easy exclusive.  Plus they announced the same thing in the Select series as an exclusive.

- Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence from Cobra Kai.  Another easy 2-pack, the tooling exists from the Street Fighter/Tekken waves, but hopefully using new tooling that could lead to us eventually getting a classic Shang-Chi.  This could also make for a cool karate dudes army builder with some basic part swaps.


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The first of 2 SDCC 2021 Minimate Exclusives has been revealed - it is called the Marvel Minimates Commemorative Collection Gift Set and includes the 6 founding Avengers. The unique thing about this set is that it will be packaged in a hexagonal display with one character on each side. Retail price is $39.99. We will have it up for preorder, but we are waiting for the 2nd set to be revealed so we can offer both sets at the same time.

EDIT: New art below


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Ordering is live through Gentle Giant:

Went from 48 to 40 sets available in the first 15 minutes 

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