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Sentinel Madness

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I was going through my X-Minis, and recognized that I may have a serious Sentinel addiction (Not pictured: MAX Sentinel ).

In seriousness, these are pretty fun to re-visit. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Like the boots of the first army builder release not working with the flight stand, but the rocket fists being a novel idea that would be cool to bring back. Or for classic Sentinel fans, the pros and cons of the under-armor designs of the original army builder vs. the two most recent releases (Wave 59 / TRU 19). 

The DOFP Sentinel has by far my favorite color scheme, but its triangular chest feature is definitely comic-specific. The color scheme of the original is a close second, and it has the most accurate head gear, but I also really like the boots and capture-coils of the most recent releases. I'm thinking about doing some mixing and matching, I'll see how well the colors play together.

And if I were to want another Sentinel in the next few years, it would be the New Mutants design. Here's Cannonball being a... baller.


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Cool collection! One thing has kept me from acquiring an army of Sentinels; scale. 

If DST would offer a Minimates-styled figure in their Diamond Select line, I think it would do well. 

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Yeah, I've made peace with the scale limitations, but I totally get the reservations about buying bigger characters. Ex: It's weird to have Galactus, with a mini-Surfer attached to his shoulder, standing next to a full-sized Silver Surfer.

I kept messing around with those Sentinels. I ended up hacking an "ultimate classic sentinel" from Wave 33 & Wave 59 parts. Pretty solid looking. The W59 pelvis has a printed design, and it's got those classic Sentinel moon boots. But the W33 helmet is the only accurate one, and its limb colors are much more vibrant. FWIW: the W59 boots & gloves are "close enough" to match the pelvis & torso coloration of W33.

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They look so cool together like that. 
I've been thinking about pairing back my collection and maybe letting go of a few waves and some army builders, but this is convincing me to keep all of my Sentinels! 

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