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Well, it's official. After many years, Mini Mates are no more.

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Local Brisbane icon Graham Ellis, who owns the beloved miniature horse and pony farm Mini Mates, will be retiring as he nears his 80th birthday.

Mr Ellis known as ‘Farmer Graham’, started up Mini Mates in Burbank 34 years ago with his wife.

The pony park had their final day of business on the weekend.

“There’s a lot of people who’ve got a tear in their eye,” he told Scott Emerson.

“It’s something we started 34 years ago, it’s come to the end of the season, I guess.

“My wife and I … started Mini Mates 34 years ago, it was purely accidental, by chance.”
He said the time has come to stand aside.

“Looking after all these horses is a 24/7 operation.”


[Thank you, Google, for sending me this news article for the alert that I setup for "Minimates".]

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14 hours ago, Mattallica said:

right. like we would ever get any kind of news story or pre notice of the line ending,

someday the line will end and we probably wont even realize it for awhile.

Somehow in my head, I saw this a posted by DSTZach. I thought to myself, how uncharacteristically candid of him. Had to do a double take. LOL

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