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G.I. Joe Minimates!

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35 minutes ago, Padrino said:

I gave that skirt piece to the PF ranger because the color matches almost perfectly. I bought some Lego scabbards but that make me feel like a brand traitor.

I lost so many swords that I'm planning on buying more than 1 set of these just to replenish my mini armory.

OH. Derp.

You mean PF Goblin. I thought you had meant some version of the New Goblin, from Spider-Man 3 with James Franco, and I just missed it and did not wanna ask. PATHFINDER GOBLIN, got you.

Sorry, used the New Goblin's gear, myself!

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13 hours ago, Navaan said:

OH. Derp.

You mean PF Goblin. I thought you had meant some version of the New Goblin, from Spider-Man 3 with James Franco, and I just missed it and did not wanna ask. PATHFINDER GOBLIN, got you.

Sorry, used the New Goblin's gear, myself!

no worries. i should have been more clear

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On 9/26/2022 at 9:20 PM, Mattallica said:

so if biggles jones is the last minute sub in can you tell us who was nixed by hasbro?

G2 Megatron. I think we'll get to him eventually.

On 9/27/2022 at 5:15 AM, buttheadsmate said:

If I were a Native American, people would know me as  `Broken Record' .....I know that & I care not.

That tiresome term 'exclusive' has been a 'turn-off' rather than DST 's perception that it promotes the product.  

The latest example ,I'm a (sceptical) new AEW Minimate / Vinimate fan so ,like everybody else I'm scratching my head about the first Vinimates AEW SDCC exclusive which is being followed up with a promo Minimate . In all fairness to DST the vinimate set was directly available from them if you knew but just try getting a reasonably priced set now !! So here we are with a new licence that is already becoming another 'excluder' rather than exclusive. 

Completing a Vinimate collection BTW is almost traumatic, anybody here actually go to the Puerto Rican Comic Con & pick up their Red Son exclusive ?

Never forget that that beautiful yet commercially disastrous Battle Beast Minimate line ended up having just 16 retail characters ( + a Comic Heroes set of 2) . There were however 3 exclusives characters & 10 promos , 8 of those promos were released years before we actually saw one at retail !!  It might just be me but the 'promotion' backfired . 

GI Joe ought not go the same way .

We call the Joe set (and all con sets) an exclusive so people know to come get it at the convention. It gets the set promoted specifically in connection with the show, by press, and we are allowed to promote it officially THROUGH the show because of it. Yes, we will make some available after the show, but it's all repeats of existing characters -- except Biggles, who nobody knows. We almost had a TON of new characters in the NYCC Joe set, and that would have been great, but it might have been frustrating to some. 

I suppose it is SIMILAR to Battle Beasts, since all of the BB promos and exclusives were ALSO variants of specialty characters -- except Zik, who everyone hated. And the TRU Moose. Maybe we overdid it with the BB promos, but we were trying to spread the word, and it still didn't work. (And no, I don't think it had a NEGATIVE effect.) 

This is ONE AEW promo, and it is to hype up the upcoming Minimates release -- these promos are not highly demanded outside of the die-hard fan base. The Vinimates set was limited, but it did not sell out at the show, and now we are making more of Sting available because he will be in attendance. 

BTW, Red Son Superman was available online. New 52 Superman is the one that was not.

On 9/27/2022 at 3:08 PM, Padrino said:

Can I make 1 request? Scabbards. Swords have to live somewhere when they are not stabbing people. I know it's too late for this set but even a little belt loop like on SE's sash or on the skirt from the PF goblin set would be awesome!

Snake Eyes has a loop on his back for the smaller sword, I believe. But we tried to mimic the toys whenever possible, and I'm not sure who had scabbards in that line.

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The person who shoots the packaging doesn't open up the packaging, so they may not spot something like Scarlett. The product manager is not shooting the pictures. To be fair, I did not spot the issue myself until someone pointed it out here.

If by "lot of mistakes" you also mean TMNT not having all their weapons, I'm assuming not all weapons fit in the prototypes' hands, and the photographer did not realize anyone would care or be turned off by it.  

Not sure which other ones you mean. 

Here's a not-great shot of Scarlett's chest (can't believe I'm saying that):

Zach Oat (@zachoat) • Instagram photos and videos

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On 6/30/2022 at 12:06 AM, TM2 Dinobot said:

I hope it's Dr Biggles-Jones and Old Snake

Holy crap! I was right! When has that ever happened?!




A Diamond Select Toys release! Yo Joe! The GI Joe Ninja Force team makes their Minimates debut in this exclusive 4-pack! Snake Eyes, Scarlett and Storm Shadow team up to take on the Cobra scientist Dr. Biggles-Jones, as seen in the popular GI Joe comic book series! These 2-inch Minimates feature multiple points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts and accessories, and they slide out of an illustrated VHS sleeve! Designed and illustrated by Barry Bradfield!

Ninja Force (VHS) Minimates Box Set - NYCC 2022 Exclusive

Ninja Force (VHS) Minimates Box Set - NYCC 2022 Exclusive

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On 10/17/2022 at 8:51 AM, Strider said:

They look great! Thanks for sharing. I also agree that I wish they were resealable though.

Weirdly to me, the locker format should be the con exclusives and the vhs format be the regular waves.

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