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G.I. Joe Minimates!

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12 hours ago, youbastards said:

They can only show a percentage of the Marvel figure in the package, hence the window style packaging, where most other Minimates lines were full bubbles.

Ah, I didn't know that was a thing. I thought is was a marketing choice. What an odd rule?


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On 9/12/2021 at 12:55 AM, Onyx_6 said:

As a non-American with very little knowledge of G.I Joe, learning about this little tidbit and how it makes the packaging a proverbial 'easter-egg', finding out about this little homage to the original figure has me quite tickled indeed. 


I very much hope some die-hard G.I Joe fan will have a chuckle at this reference to Cobra Commander's past, thank you very much for the context Onyx_6 :) 

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On 9/9/2021 at 7:43 PM, HellfireSamurai said:

They goofed Cobra Commander's file card. They reversed the Specialty & Codename on his card.

Not a goof! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story!

I thought about fixing it, but didn't out of respect.


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20 hours ago, DSTZach said:

Ship date is a big question mark at this point, we're trying to get them here as quickly as possible. 

Appreciate the updates. I have over 50 custom minimates for my Joes I made since the announcement, so I am super thankful that these are inbound.

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Stupid question from a non-Joe enthusiast: These designs are based on the Marvel comic, right? Obviously they're not inspired by the films. I just thought it might be DST's own take on the original Hasbro toys, kinda like how NECA offers Alien figures inspired by the Kenner line.

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2 hours ago, HellfireSamurai said:

Looking forward to getting my pre-ordered sets when they finally release. I'm hoping Snake-Eyes is molded in black & not just painted due to the joints. White balls will stand out in action poses. Worst cast though I can pull out the synthetic RIT dye & carefully dye them if need be.

A golden moment for those sinister members amongst us on this forum who thrive on 'le double entendre':no: 


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8 hours ago, DSTZach said:

These are, I believe, based on the Hasbro toys, a mix of original and 25th anniversary looks. NOT the comics.  

Thanks. The packaging certainly suggests the looks were informed by the comics but, as I said, I'm no expert. (And too lazy to do the research. ? )

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Scarlett makes me think comics; pale blue arms ad purple arms where common in the comics. Plus, the nearly white smoke grenade on her left shoulder.

Storm Shadow looks like he walked off the cartoon with the coloring, but to be fair, his design is kinda basic so it could be any of them.

However, Cobra Commander appears to be later Devils Due comics with the look of the gold tassels. *Maybe* some old Marvels had that look, but I can recall later Devils Due that was that picture, off the page. I think some Valor Vs Venom Cobra Commanders had a similar look, tho, but a stylized helmet.

Snake-Eyes is V2 off the box, which was copied into the comics.

So, honestly, a hodge podge of looks and inspirations, which I am certainly fine with!

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Can’t wait for wave 1 and 2! Really hoping Flint and Lady Jaye are in box 3 but we also need some army builder Cobras. I could live with a 4 pack army builder set. Trooper, Viper, Crimson Guard & B.A.T. I would imagine that set would sell at least as many as the other Joe 4 packs of not more. I know I would try to get as many as I could afford.

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