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Transformers Minimates!

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They're not production samples, no. They're prototypes. They're being shown for the first time. Rarely do we make an announcement, prior to pre-ordering even opens, with factory samples. Pre-orders open Oct. 22.

And yes, sorry, he is still respected, I just don't see him post very much any more.

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So I got my set the other day from Luke, and MAN is this a great one. Maybe the single best Minimate box set ever? It's way up there. The care that went into each one of these is outstanding. As I said in the NYCC thread the other day, I know from talking with some of the DST folks that there's a lot of Transformers fans on TeamDST, and you can tell what a labor of love this is. I hope this sells like gangbusters, and we get many more box sets!

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On 10/8/2021 at 5:59 PM, fwoosheyman said:

Got the 1st box set today and they are quite nice. Packaging is very sharp as well. I did find that Optimus looks better with Bee’s face underneath the helmet. The eyes are better proportioned and it gives him his nose ridge. 

I tried this and I agree! 


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15 hours ago, elhonez said:

Will the focus remain on G1 for these if they do well? I support that, just curious about the scope.

Not sure. We'll be doing some Beast Wars product in other categories, so we'll see. 

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I am so looking forward to the next wave as Soundwave is my ultimate favorite Transformer.

I am likely going to get a fourth set of the first set as I want to make some of the other jets and a Nemesis Prime. and I do feel that Bumblebee's head is better looking for Optimus Prime than but likely will not do the swap as I don't like the look of Bumblebee with any other available head.

However, I am stoked about this series and I hope they can continue for a long time to come.

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