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Multiverse Promo C2E2 2014

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WoW I never expected to win, Lol.


Cheers Sig Choice on the Avatar comment. I've thought about changing it over the years but it has history so I keep it.

I remember being asked to make it more kid friendly back in the day as it originally had basicly the whole body shimmy dance bit and it was worded to me nicely that it could be I think distracting. its all fun in the end an that's the main thing.

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I think one reason it sticks in the mind so much is that it's one of the few GiFs lol draws the eye when you're the latest reply on something and one's looking at the main page. 

Thank you very much for that bit of insight, I must agree that were it not the close-up it would certainly be distracting indeed. Although to those who've seen it, I imagine it perhaps conjures that particular sequence in the mind's eye regardless :P 

On a side note though it's lovely to hear how well such a potentially uncomfortable conversation was had so pleasantly here though; and that your avatar has gone on to become a wee bit historic :P long live the multiverse!

Perhaps you when your MMMV minimate arrives, you can have him shake hands with a Nancy minimate in commemoration? 🤝 :P cheers for the delightful bit of background

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