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Marvel Legends Retro 3.75 Figures

MiniFiend UK

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Title says it really Hasbro released a new line of Retro style figures. Now I'm not sure if $20 for two small figures is going towards the high end of pricing but damn the packaging to me is just great. Reminds me a lot of the Mego Pocket heroes stuff I had as a kid but I guess that's the idea.

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16 hours ago, MiniFiend UK said:

I could go a classic Black Panther Minimate in this style. we got a munched on by zombies version but not a classic one. full mask and open face mask heads and I'm happy.

RE;  a classic Black Panther , I am with you 100% .  I hadn't realised, until I studied the zombie version , how accurate (what was left of it) that suit was  .

Whilst these 'retro' figures aren't my thing I just love the 'Kenner' style packaging , blister-packages are a dream for toy displays...........I'd love to see a line of blister-packed Minimates.

Looking at the line-up in the link I couldn't miss Electro ........what an iconic look ....... 



Retro aint always the way forward :rolleyes: but in Electro's 'case' I think it is undeniable that out of the 5 Electro Minimates we have, one is fantastic & the other 4 are ...meh.  



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Just a quick google got me this graphic of Panther costumes thru the ages.

Just Looking at that I could see a 4 figure boxset would cover the majority of panther looks with 2 main Panther figures an swapping of parts between them covering a high % of looks. You could then easily slot in in a Shuri panther and 1 other like the Coal Tiger or Killmonger.

I Know very unlikely but hey just putting it out there.






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