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Nearly had a heart attack on shipping costs!

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Just to put this out there. An this post is not in anyway a hit on Luke who is a fantastic person an goes above and beyond for anyone here.

Just went to place an order for some Minimates and this years Luke crate (The Order was a set of Wave 79 and Wave 80 and a two pack. Loose for shipping where I could and this years Luke Crate.)

That order comes a few cents shy of $107 all well and good I'm happy with that. Time to hit the shipping button.....$123.30!!! WhAt ThE $**K! I Actually did swear at my computer screen at that point.

Ok Take a breath relax...Take the Luke crate off an see what it is then...$62 order...Shipping Button....(Not been this tense since I watched The Exorcist as a kid) $118.30! F**K Me SiDeWays. Not much difference then.

Come on that is just mental over a $100 for some items (excluding the Luke Crate.) which could easily a best be put in a large Bubblewrap bag.

To put it this way my last Luke crate order was roughly the same cost and I just checked the postage on that was $30 other orders that I can check on my account the postage is roughly the same.

Has USPS done away with the cheaper lvl of shipping? because right now those costs make it impossible for me to buy Minimates I'm just not willing to swallow the cost.

Again This post is in no way ranting at Luke or the store both of which I have great admiration for if it wasn't for them alot of us would not be able or have been able to continue collecting Minimates.

Just what are USPS upto trying to charge prices like that.


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I think that this a sign of the times , I too cringe at what I am having to pay & ,in many ways, I am pleased that the bulk of my collecting days are over .  

I'm not sure that everybody realises that stuff coming from the States to the UK (esp.) arrives in the hold of a plane ,the same hold that used to be 'ballast' for the people that used to be flying in the planes ....who now aren't flying in those planes !   

:sarcasm-1: It is inevitable that we must all pay more for fucking everything to keep us safe from whatever they tell us to be scared of next .  





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In case you missed it, the USPS is currently being run by someone who is a stakeholder in USPS competitors. Just like almost every other government-ish organization here in the USA. They have removed devices that help speed up mail delivery. They have eliminated the cheaper shipping options and/or removed them all together. They are (apparently) no longer guaranteeing delivery by certain dates, as the employees have been instructed to depart on time, regardless of the fullness of their trucks. Carriers are no longer allowed overtime and are delivering at odd hours and often to wrong addresses. This is all allegedly in an effort to ‘stream line’ the Postal Service. 
In reality it is a ploy to reduce service and customer confidence in the postal service in an effort to influence and undermine the upcoming presidential election 

I am sorry it is affecting our overseas friends. My best recommendation would be to reach out to Luke and see if he would be willing to hold your items and/or use a different international service 

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Cheers I have been following the US postal shenanigans for this very reason of ordering stuff but I wasn't expecting that sort of kick in the postal crotch that early in the morning. I also didn't want to post anything about it as it kinda comes under the no politics bit of the forum rules :)

I have messaged Luke using his store system when I posted earlier but because of timezones etc not expecting a super fast response.

Onyx my first thought was and prob still is to ask him to hold my order after I've paid if the shipping cant be sorted until hopefully things calm down.

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Maybe I should have left that last line off, even if it is true. ;) 

You could always go the route Sarcasticheadsmate does and and have everything  sent to a surrogate and then charter a cargo ship to have it all imported at once. 😂 

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