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Being cooped up has given me time to work on some QC's in order to keep my mind on other things.

(I don't know why my pics upload sideways- any suggestions would be appreciated)

Column 1

  • Doctor Voodoo
  • She-Ra (final form from the Netflix series)
  • A re-imagined Binary (since it is clear we are never getting an official one)
  • Kingdom Come Wonder Woman (from the WW 1984 promo pics)

Column 2

  • Moondragon
  • Yennefer
  • Scarlet Witch (from her recent solo series)
  • Magik graduation costume (someone did a much better version using Emma Frost's cape but I didn't have one available)


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I do like your concepts for She-Ra and Brother Voodoo.

Who is Yennefer? I have not heard of that one.

(When it comes to photo orientation, you can edit them in a photo program in windows on your PC before you upload to your photo site that you share them from. If that helps any.)

Thank you for sharing your QC mates.  I love seeing the outcomes from all who customize on the Multiverse.

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