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Best Minimate of 2006


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You know, I've changed my mind. The minis were announced long ago, they came out 2006, they should be ranked with the other 2006 miniMates. And that way, I don't have to remember next year. ;)

SO. Voting deadline has been moved back to January 15th, 2007.

This gives people a chance to hunt down the Marvel Knights and also lets members who might have been on holiday get a chance to vote.

If you want to change a previous vote to include Daredevil or Ghost Rider (and only for that reason), PM me or make a new post here. DO NOT edit your previous post, because I need to know who to subtract points from if they are removed from your ballot.

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All righty, ladies, gentlemen and admin! Today is the last day to get your vote in, if you haven't already. Or to update a prior ballot if you want to vote for the Marvel Knights releases from Target.

Be a part of history and help decide the best, the coolest miniMates in recent memory. ;)

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1. Modern Bloody Cylon (the pic of this guy got me into collecting minimates)

2. Kitty Pryde (probably my favorite of all the X-characters)

3. John Stewart (and I'm not much of a DC fan, but this was a cool 'mate)

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I'm voting:

1) Modern Cylon Centurian (with the hands)

2) MK Daredevil (Such a better representation of the character... Glad we could include him this year)

3) John Stewart (Best GL Ever!)

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And the winners are....


2. Modern Cylon Centurain

3. Blue Iceman

Honorable Mention goes to the Red Cross logo mate and Bad Apple Comics for supporting the cause.


Congratulations to John for your title as best miniMate of 2006, winning by a huge margin of popular vote. Not an easy feat for a single representative of DC Comics and it certainly bodes well for the upcoming DC Direct miniMates.

The following minis also placed in the top ten:

4. Emerald City Comicon - blue

5. Sentry (imprisoned)

6. Emerald City Comicon - green

7. Kitty Pryde (Astonishing X-Men)

8. Classic Cylon Centurian

9. Cyclops (Astonishing X-Men)

10. Morrigan

Honestly, not a bad year in all and 2007 promises even more excitement.

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