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March of Minimates

Donny B

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I first heard about March of Robots back in 2018 and thought to myself, "that would be fun to do, but with Minimates".
Fast forward to Inktober 2019 and I finally found the motivation to make it happen.

So here's the premise:
March of Minimates is an Instagram based art challenge, with the goal of creating one Minimate image each day throughout the month of March.
For me, it's drawing. That's where it all started... I wanted to take the month of March and dedicate it to creating 31 Minimate drawings.
But why stop there? Minimates are fun to photograph, too. There are a ton of Instagram accounts with incredible photos and digital edits. Plus there are tons of talented customizers and decal designers and diorama builders... why not open March of Minimates to every creative person who loves the brand? So that's what I'm doing.

March of Minimates is launching March 1st on Instagram

Upload your images to Instagram, tag them with #MarchofMinimates, and follow the IG page for updates and contests @MarchofMinimates
Weekly contests with prizes from Luke's Toy Store

You can find all the info on how it works at

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1 hour ago, hellpop said:

Luke did, I believe. His feed is where I first saw it. I'm gonna try to participate, though I suck at photos. But it's a chance to put up some customs I've had sitting around that fit the categories, so why not?

Photography isn’t the only way you can participate - it encompasses a broad range of art; including customs, decals, dios, displays/collections, etc...

Photography is the most popular way to make Minimate images, but the origin of this challenge was actually me wanting to draw one Minimate drawing each day for a month. I originally wanted to pitch the challenge as something for traditional artists to participate in (very much along the lines of Inktober) but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that drawing/painting was too limited in scope. So I opened it up to include any form of art that celebrates Minimates!

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Cool! Sorry for the miscredit. My other artistic skills are even worse than my customizing, so that's as far as I'll be participating. But I do have some cool Minimate- compatible pieces to pull out, so I may get a little creative that way.

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6 hours ago, Donny B said:

Actually, it was my brain child. Luke was awesome enough to sponsor some of the prizes and help me promote it

I posted a thread about it here 😊

I'm stoked to see people excited about it!

Well, bless you for doing it and I hope that DST gets involved! 

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Thanks!  I really hope this will be a fun event for everyone, regardless of artistic skill. I’m looking forward to what people will come up with

and I know Zach is aware of it, but I’m not sure how involved DST will want to be. When I conceived the challenge, I didn’t think it would be a big enough thing for that level of attention 😅

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I've been reposting Don's artwork on our Instagram, it's amazing.

Happy to contribute prizes, we've been finding some older MM sets in our warehouse lately, it's kind of random what they find. 

I really want to draw a Minimate! I may try to participate before the end of the challenge. Haven't taken any photos lately, but maybe I'll get to this weekend, if I can steal Series 79 off the shelf for one night...

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Just so you all know, you’re free to deviate from the prompt list if you’d like.

I realize that it seems like an official rule to follow, but really the prompt list was just designed to help spark inspiration if you need it. If there’s a prompt you don’t want to participate in, feel free to post something that isn’t related!

The only time you would need to follow the prompts is for the contests (not including this first week, which is a basic giveaway). The contests will be judged based on the week’s theme (so week 2 is Heroes & Villains. You would only need to post one image on theme for that week to be eligible for the contest).

Following the prompts can be fun, but it isn’t a regulation 😁

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