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MMMV Dream Reunion

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*blows dust off of login and password*

Last night, I had a dream about attending a Minimate Multiverse reunion meetup. The turnout was great with several of the 'old guard' of the board in attendance.  It was a literal Who's Who of the original members that made this place great. The only issue was the resort we met at ended up being part of a nudist colony. Everyone decided they were comfortable with that and decided to bare it all (I specifically remember Eric Dlugoklinski being especially eager to disrobe publicly). The group photo was even more traumatizing. I say it was a dream, but nightmare is probably a better term. In fact, I actually booked a series of appointments with a therapist before posting this. Not sure what this says about my psyche, but it can't be anything good.

Who knew it would take a dream about a naked buttheadsmate to get me back on the forum boards?

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On 1/16/2020 at 7:52 PM, karamazov80 said:

< Not an original member *sits in the fetal position and cries*

Did you really have to introduce the word member into this thread?

p.s. waiting for Rob to show up post something pithy and sign off as 'buttnakedheadsmate' :D

EDIT ***I guess I haven't been by for a while, this was last Jan! sorry or the Necro!***

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