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The Transformers Thread


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Looking pretty good so far. It comes with Daniel (possibly Spike?), and is still $5 less than the typical cars from BBTS, so he's probably gonna be pretty small. VW license could open the door to the Porsche's--Jazz and Cliffjumper.

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I'm not sure, since Bumblebee is a realistic Bug, if they just remolded him into Cliffjumper then Cliff wouldn't seem to resemble the actual source car he was based on. I would be fine with that, but it doesn't seem to be the direction that current MP figures are taking.

Real Porsche 923 Turbo:


G1 Cliffjumper:


Volkswagon Bug:


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That lion looks really cool, but I'm glad I don't know the character enough to need one -- I don't know when I started spending all my money on Transformers, but in the past few weeks I got the MP Starscream reissue, 3rd party Huffer, Takara Rhinox and Waspy. And I liked those last two so much I just got a Telemocha Primal to go with them.

Didn't think I was going to be interested in the upcoming Ultra Magnus MP, but the new shots of him look great, and MTMTE has made me like the character a lot more.

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