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Godzilla Vinimates


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15 hours ago, DSTZach said:

They do have neck pivots.

and more are planned.

Yeah, I mean the neck is better than nothing. They just remind me a bit of Bandai vinyls, so I wish the arms and legs had rotation. Not the end of the world.

Happy to hear that there are more coming though.

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Books-A-Million glow Godzilla 1999 is now online at

It requires a pretty long charge to glow, due to the colors used.

And tomorrow is Halloween Comicfest, you can find a retailer near you at and pick up the other two exclusives.

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The nearest retailer to me is Casablanca Comics in Maine which is smack on 3000 miles away......I'm not complaining as it's one of the many places I'd like to visit in the US but I reckon they'll (probably) sell out of the Godzilla & Mechagodzilla  before I get there . 

In the meantime if somebody wants to help an ol' boy out, I'm in the market for a couple of each ? I'm tiring of being gouged on ebay for these things . PLMK PM thanks.



Anybody going to tell us about these ?

...or did we know?


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37 minutes ago, Shanester said:

Which Vinimates do you need BHM?


You do too much for me already :thumbsup:   There are 2 ComicFest vinimates........Mechagodzilla & Godzilla, they are both variants & they have specific ComicFest packaging........I was trying for a pair of each. I'm not a skinflint but I can't warrant paying current ebay prices again & again ,I need to eat as well .:)

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Right. I should not have trouble getting these.  My LCS participates in HCF, just doesn't always stock up with loads of the merch. I will inquire with them.


EDIT: Already got a reply from my LCS. They have them so I will swing by.  

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13 hours ago, buttheadsmate said:


On 10/8/2019 at 9:21 PM, DSTZach said:

Series 2 is 1962 Godzilla, 1999 Burning Godzilla and Rodan. 

They just came up with movie-specific names for them that we were not using.

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