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we need staff with lots of free time!!

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I understand everyone in the staff all have jobs, and lives...but I've been having an ongoing issue and I think it won't just benefit me but everyone if we had a lot of staff that have tons of free time on their hands that want the responsibility. Every time i'm on here checking to see if my issue has been resolved or at least a message, I don't even see Moderators on or anyone with ability to rank members. My first user name i lost access to, so made this one, been a long time member with both names,,,forgot my log in with this one after a few yrs, old one was reactive and was added to the staff...few times i contact about this issue, come back recently and my other name that was reactive is even more either quit messing it up and put it back the way it was, or rank this one so i can delete the old account and finally post and reply to everything i use to,, all i wanna do is be able to post and reply to everything like i use theres nobody around anymore to help out. i cant be the only one having issues...sorry if i sound like a creep but i'm really frustrated now.

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3 hours ago, youbastards said:

So because you can't keep track of your username and password, the site has issues?  Got it.

Have you tried sending a PM to Shane?

hey while you're up there...tell us what Shanester had for

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3 hours ago, Mattallica said:

Wow, yeah there are fewer people here probably due to less output from DST in the ways of news and actual minimates PLUS people have lives(maybe not you) .

No need to be an ASS about it send the mods/admin a pm and wait patiently or go away.

wow gee why didn't I think of that...maybe its the first thing I tried sure are a lot of brown noses here no wonder that asshole has no issues

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37 minutes ago, MisterPL said:

Wait for an election year. Nominate candidates. Hold primaries. 

The usual.

An electoral college might help. Otherwise we may get someone people don’t hate. 

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