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On 1/29/2019 at 8:06 PM, NerdyTrev said:

I'll reiterate what I said before that I want a series that represents the Perez/Englehart era of Avengers.

Maybe something like:

Iron Man / Moondragon

Captain America / Attuma

Whirlwind / Yellowjacket (Wasp micro-mate)

Beast / Wonder Man

BaM: Jocasta

I could go for something like that. I especially like the inclusion of Attuma. I'd love a Whizzer from that era. If the wave had more villains I'd be happy with that too. Either way is good for me.

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7 hours ago, AFMcGill said:

I bashed together bits from both the old Wonder Man's and got a really good Wonder Man out of it.

Don’t just stop there! Share the look xD

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24 minutes ago, Mysterious Stranger said:

Fox properties are coming back home (sort of) so I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be an updated Fantastic Four wave.

Mr. Fantastic / Dr.Doom

Invisible Woman (clear) / Namor

Human Torch (flame on) / Sue Storm (not clear)

Johnny Storm (flame off) / Thing

BAF: Super-Skrull

If we get a Fantastic Four wave, I wouldn't be happy getting the same figures again. maybe an updated Sub-Mariner would be cool, but the Invaders one is pitch perfect. We need more contemporary FF characters like Dragon Man, Impossible Man, Thundra, and even some more Inhumans like Crystal and Triton and maybe even a more comic-accurate Medusa.

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I know people are bummed about there being no FFH wave, but if it means 78 is classic comic book stuff, I'm all here for it!

I really just want some gaps filled in my collection. If we see an Avengers wave, I'd almost kill for a Jocasta. Would love a classic Mockingbird, Attuma, & black and yellow Wasp too. Throw in whatever IM/Cap/Hulk rereleases you need to to make it happen.

If we see a F4 wave (which I slightly doubt for some reason... the embargo seems to have hit F4 hardest) I'd really like to see Dragon Man, Crystal, Medusa or even a F4 She-hulk thrown in for some diversity.

If we're looking at an X wave - anything that helps us finish off X-Force line-ups or gives us 90's X-Factor would make me do a little happy dance (So long as we see Random and Val Cooper in there somehow).

@Valo487 was talking about an all villains wave. I could get down with that! lets see: Stryfe, Exodus, Sebastian Shaw, Deathbird, Harvest/Phalanx, Bastian, Danger, Cassandra Nova!

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- Mr. Fantastic (time for some new sculpted stretchy bits) / Dr. Doom (alt heads, alt capes/hoods)

- Sue Storm / Crystal 

- Human Torch (painted like 1st release, not translucent, alt normal Johnny Storm head) / Dragon Man

- Thing / Wizard

BAF - Powered Invisible Woman (frosted plastic instead of full translucent)

This would allow for F4 costume Johnny Storm and Crystal if multiple packs were purchased.

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On 1/28/2019 at 3:13 PM, Chooch said:

And if we're throwing out 90's wishlists - how about some New Warriors:

Night Thrasher and Silhouette

Justice and Firestar

Speedball and Rage

Nova and Namorita

BAF Hindsight Lad!

I’ve been asking for this one for years @Chooch

I’ll put my vote down for your suggestion. I mean if they want to connect to Spiderman they could make the Build a Figure Rage and put a Ben Reilly Spiderman update in this wave.

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20 hours ago, Nessex said:

I know people are bummed about there being no FFH wave, but if it means 78 is classic comic book stuff, I'm all here for it!

Are we even really getting that many more comic waves though? I've seen people say this, or something similar to this, a few times how at least it means we'll be getting more comic book stuff. But 77 isn't set to release until June, and 78 probably when? October, I'd think? Whereas the movies got the Captain Marvel wave, the box set, probably 2 Endgame waves, and at least one box set. I just don't see why they can't do FFH in there too! Why couldn't we get both? Wave 77 looks great, but I need my FFH mates! Also, really hoping 78 isn't classic. Why is everyone so set on that? We have nothing to suggest it's classic other than "If you like comics..." (Sorry for complaining about no FFH mates again)

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