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Minimate Holiday Card Contest

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Tis the season for Holiday Cards!

Your task is to create a new minimate themed Holiday Card. It can be a simple photo that would make a good postcard. You can get all fancy and make an actual card. Any medium: picture, drawing, video, artwork, etc. Use as many or few minimates as you want (it just has to be minimate related). Custom figures, regular releases, vinimates and custom minimate tigers are all welcome. It doesn't have to be Christmas cards either; if you feel like wishing us a Happy Cthulhu Day with your card, then by all means go for it.

Bonus Holiday Points (not contest points) if you send your card to Zach at DST headquarters in NY¬†ūüéÖ


  • post a picture of your Minimate Holiday Card (links to your post on Instagram work too)


  • Top 3 will each get a NYCC 2018 Battle Beasts Bat. Then they get to go in rotation from 1st place to 3rd place and select prizes from the Prize Box.
  • Also we will do two random drawings¬†from all of the entries (minus the top three) and they'll also get a NYCC 2018 Battle Beasts Bat.
  • Prize Box: old-school Art Asylum Talk forum custom Bomber-Mate, 2005 WW LA Green Blank



  1. This must be a new creation from the start of this post. This doesn't mean that everything in it must be new. Just the card needs to be a new creation of yours.
  2. Please submit your entry in this thread and note on it that it's your official entry. 
  3. Only one entry per person.
  4. Any board members can enter as long as they are not me (Lurch).
  5. You can make changes to your entry up to the deadline of this contest.
  6. Remember safety first and that we are a family friendly site.
  7. MinimateMultiverse takes no responsibility or liability for any broken laws, damage or general mayhem caused in the process of creating your entry.
  8. Any entries that do not post either due to timing or technical issues are not the responsibility of MinimateMultiverse.
  9. MinimateMultiverse has the right to change the contest or rules at any time. This includes but is not limited to the completion date and prizes.


  • Entries will be accepted between now and Saturday December 21st at 11:59 PM CST.
  • Voting begins immediately after end of entry date until December 28th¬†at 11:59 PM CST.
  • Winners will be posted shortly afterwards.

The PM Ballot system will be used for the voting.

Each submitted ballot must list in order, the top three most creative entries.

1.) Most Creative Entry
2.) Second Best Entry
3.) Third Best Entry

  • Anyone can vote, even the participants.
  • If you are a participant, you cannot vote for your own entry.
  • The 10 point minus system will be used to calculate the results.
  • Points awarded will be as follows: 1st will get 10pts, 2nd will get 9pts, 3rd will get 8pts.
  • Tie-breakers, if needed, will be decided by whomever can eat the most amount of figgy pudding in a 10 min time-frame.
  • During the voting period, please send all ballots by PM to me.


If you have any questions, please post them in this thread.

A big thanks goes out to Zach & DST and to PK13 for the prizes! 

Good luck and have fun!


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New prize added to the prize box: 2005 Wizard World LA Green logo'ed blank


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