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Stan Lee passes away


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I’ll copy my Facebook tribute here:

What can be said about Stan Lee at this point?
He made a universe of icons that persist to this day. 
And he owned it. Never stepped away and never tried to disown his own creations. To the day he died he was there making legends happen. Until he became a legend of his own. 
He may have left us now but, really, he can’t leave us. His spirit will forever live on in a responsible young man from queens, four intrepid explorers, an industrialist, a wizard, a god, and so many more. 
Nuff said.

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I'm actually kind of surprised by how heavy this news has felt today...
I'll follow in Trekker's foot steps and share what I've shared elsewhere here:

‘Sworn to protect a world that hates and fears them.’
I didn’t fully understand why this resonated so deeply with me as a child.
As a gay adult man, it now makes perfect sense. Somewhere in my subconscious I knew that I was going to grow up to be a little different from the mainstream; a bit of an outsider.
Reading the X-Men series as a boy taught me that being different was not only ok, but that it was important. Outsiders have a better understanding of the world. Outsiders have empathy.
The X-Men taught me that even as an outsider, we have a duty to make the world a better place. We have to protect those who have even less power.

I have the X-Men to thank for believing that I can help make the world better place.

And I have Stan Lee to thank (at least in part) for the X-Men. 

Thank you Mr Lee.

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Few people have had more of an influence on my entertainment-related interests than Lee, Kirby, and Ditko.  Those characters and comics he was involved in in the '60s are rarely rivaled in all the years since.  His influence would be impossible to quantify.  I've been reading early issues of the X-Men recently, which reminds me just how great he was.  RIP.

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