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Bruce Lee

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Remember those old 3" Bruce Lee mates? Anyone still looking for any of those?

Context: A few years ago I had picked up the Hong Kong Dragon figure because I wanted to see if his sanjiegun would work for a 2" custom (it didn't), and I never got around to selling it. 

Are you a big Bruce Lee fan? Did you happen to miss this figure to complete your collection? Something you were always interested in but never picked up? Let me know, I want this guy to find a happy home.

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If anybody is interested I was never a Bruce Lee fan (his movies) although I could obviously see why so many people were. 

However ....for those of you that haven't .....& if you have the time up on some of his 'quotes' .  Amazing :yes:

I'm glad the HK dragon 'mate has found a happy home.

When I was 'completing' years ago I struggled for a long long time finding the Kung Faux 'Break Boy' ....that bugger is amongst the real rare minimates.

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Seeing this topic makes me sad. I'm still quite bummed we never got the Bruce Lee minimates.

In fact I went out of my way to make a bunch of Bruce customs. Someday I'll finish them.

But a minimates line like the Temple of Kung Fu line could have been epic.

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