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What would you display?

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I'm nearing the end of packing for a move which is quite an experience for a longtime collector. It's a little overwhelming to see the amount of stuff I've acquired over more than a decade and fun to rediscover figures that have been packed away for years. Anyway, despite my wife being very supportive of my hobby the transition from single to married life means less display space which got me thinking about prioritizing my collections and what I really want to display.  This is what I'm thinking I'm going to try and have out:

Minimates: Obviously. My main focus would be Avengers, 90's X-Men, and MCU.

Batman Black & White Statues: I have about 10 of these and I love how they look in a group.

Mega Bloks: I definitely need to find a place for the Enterprise Bridge and the TMNT Party Wagon and figures.

DCC BTAS Figures: The Batmobile must be displayed and I'd like to get a few figures with it.

NECA Turtles: The comic versions have been constantly on a shelf for a while now, I'd like to get the animated ones worked in too.

Star Wars 3.75": My first love in collecting even though it's basically dead now, I have a large collection and some of it needs to be out.

Boss Fight Vitruvian HACKS: A current collection I really enjoy even if I buy them infrequently.

Marvel Legends and Select: At least a few figures from each line will be out.

I'd be interested to hear what other people make a point to display and how they decide.

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I have been collecting Star Trek since I can really remember collecting anything.

I have all but four of the 4.5 inch Playmates Star Trek Action Figures.  I typically keep a full crew on display but we are preparing to sell our house so they are all packed up now.

At my office, I have most of my displays.

I have my Lego Minifigures.  I have the complete Justice League as complete as I think it is. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Wonder Twins, Shazam, Apache Chief, Black Vulcan and El Derado all in one case.  I have the blind bag minifigures that represent holidays: Santa, Elf, Gingerbread Man, Leprechaun, Easter Bunny & Chicken, two different Werewolves, two different Witches, Dracula, two different Frankenstein Monsters, Skeleton, Ghost, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde (one figure), Fortune Teller, Scarecrow, Mummy, Cat/Tiger Lady, Fly man, Man-Bat, Spider-Boy, Dragon Guy.  I also have the Pretzel Guy and Gal, Caveman and Cavewoman, Lady Liberty, Abe Lincoln, two different Sombero men, Robot guy, Robot gal, Brick Man, Brick Woman, Cyclops and Ms. Cyclops, Medusa, Neptune, Mermaid, Yeti, Bigfoot, Minotaur, Fawn, Evil Goblin, Gnome and several others.  The Tron light cycles set is also on display.  Also have a set of the Little Green Army men from Toy Story since I do work for the Army ROTC office at the university I am an employee of.  There are just too many to have all on display at my office. I also have nice sized set of the Kreo Star Trek figures. 

My main collection on display at my office is my Star Trek minimates.  I have all the Star Trek Minimates that were released and then a slew of customs. I have Decker and Ilia that were released from DST, but I have acquired enough parts to make Admiral Kirk from The Motion Picture along with Spock and Dr. McCoy and Ilia in duty uniform.  I have made Spock and Kirk from 'The City on the Edge of Forever'. I have made Uhura in the later movie uniform.  I have made Riker, Data, Dr. Crusher, Deanna Troi, LaForge, Yar, O'Brien, Guinan and Wesley from TNG.  I made Tucker, T'Pol, Sato, Mayweather and Reed from Enterprise.  I made Kira, Jadzia and O'Brien and Mrs. O'Brien from DS9.  I made Chakotay and Paris from Voyager.  I have Mirror Chekov, Mirror Scotty, Mirror McCoy, Mirror Picard, Mirror Riker, Mirror Troi, Mirror LaForge, Mirror Data, Mirror Dr. Crusher, Mirror Janeway, Mirror Sisko, Yesterday's Enterprise Picard, Living Witness Janeway, Locutus of Borg, Scotty in Dress Uniform (with kilt) and lots of other Star Trek Universe Customs.  Luke was a big help for many as I had acquired decals from him for several of the customs.  

I have a nice collection of Deadpool minimates, mostly customs inspired by the Deadpools Assemble box set.  I have Thorpool, Captain Ameripool, Cablepool, Phonics-Killerpool and then the figure you can make with the parts in the Phonic-killer figure.  Then I have several Deadpool minimates (they yellow one, the grey one, the Thunderbolts one, and seven others.  But I made Spider-Pool, Iron Pool, Falcon-Pool, Wolverine-Pool and Dare-Pool. I even have a web-incased Deadpool.  I have two Borg-pool inspired by Prowl-Ar's Borg-Pool.

I have even made a few customs with my university's logo and the ROTC logo on them. And I am working on a custom mascot for my university as well and he is on display even though he is not finished.  Have Alien Xenomorphs on display as well as Predators. And I have a collection of custom Borgs.

I have a custom He-Man, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn and Beastman on display.  I do have a custom Faker He-man but he is not on display.  

And to wrap this up, I have several Nightmare Before Christmas mates out for Halloween along with the Ghostbusters team and a ghost and the Universal Monsters minimates.  These will all go away and then I will bring out my custom Pilgrim and Native American for Thanksgiving followed by my custom Santa and then NBX elves for Christmas.  I am working on a Leprechaun.


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I have the first (and only) wave of Funko's Batman '66 1/18 scale figures at my desk.

At home I have a room largely dedicated to Star Wars, which I've been collecting since I found that first Chewbacca figure at Fay's Drugs in February 1978. It's all 3 3/4" figures, vehicles, and playsets. That part of the collection has stagnated since I'm really only interested in super-articulated figures but refuse to pay more than $10 for them. Consequently my Star Wars toys are slowly getting boxed back up.

DC is my other passion. I've got DC Direct/DC Collectibles figures on shelves, mostly Batman-related characters and if they're not based on live-action, they look like it. Lots of Arkham Asylum and Arrowverse. That said, I do have most of the Batman Animated line MIP and awaiting a decent display space.

And out of over 2,800 Minimates, only about 20 Iron Man figures are on display, mostly from the movies. I'm still trying to figure out a dust-free way to showcase those little dudes.

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I live in a one-bedroom apartment (by myself, but still), so my space is limited as well. 

I have a small shelving unit on my desk in my bedroom, one shelf MCU 'Mates, one shelf random properties 'Mates (TMNT, Ghostbusters, Aliens, Predator, Watchmen, Street Fighter, DC, Muppets, Sin City, Walking Dead, Halo, Thundercats, Kill Bill, BSG, Terminator, Spongebob), sometimes one figure only (Rick Grimes, Cortana, Beatrix Kiddo, Starbuck), sometimes "the main ones" (all four GBs/TMNT, all the Watchmen, main Justice League).

I have a Detolf (Ikea glass case) with all MCU Marvel Legends, and then one with one shelf per theme (Black Series Star Wars, Transformers Autobots, TF Decepticons, and Harley Quinn). I plan to get another for my X-Men Legends, TMNT (NECA, Playmates, Figuarts, etc.), and anime figures (most likely Figuarts for Sailor Moon, DBZ, Mario Bros., Street Fighter).

I also have bookshelf tops for random statues (& Halloween/Christmas decorations, when the season permits) that I sometimes pepper some of my favorite character figures amongst. My graphic novel bookcase in my bedroom is also adorned with as many Rocket Racoon figures/statues/bobbleheads as I can manage.

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