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Captain Marvel Movie Minimates


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On 12/20/2018 at 5:54 AM, MisterPL said:

So the Walgreens assortment will include two Carols (Captain Marvel sans jacket and Kree uniform), zero Skrulls, maybe a Coulson, a Fury, possibly Maria in her flight suit, and a couple more Starforce characters (unless alternate heads are offered in the 4-pack).

Please, no Ronan.

dont forget Jude law/Mar-vell

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2 minutes ago, nandoninny said:

at least tell us who is in it





27 minutes ago, mc2109 said:

Holy Crap I just found the whole Walgreens wave at my local store! Trying to post pictures but it’s saying the pics are too big? Any idea how to fix this so I can show them! 

You can also try a file re-sizer online. Files need to be under .11 MB

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28 minutes ago, CBMM1 said:

I find it a bit strange that we are not getting Talos, the main Skrull villain of the film.

I suspect the description of the boxset is wrong, if you look at the design its clearly Talos, he’s the only one with a tailcoat and the torso design matches exactly, I suspect a typo or last second name change that wasn’t caught 

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