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Star Wars Droids

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Hey, how can I make customs of Star Wars droids from the newer movies? Specifically wanted to make K-2SO and L3-37

K-2SO has a lego, so maybe I could mod that and make bigger.

BB88 has a lego too but not exactly to scale with minimates.

any ideas for them because in the past with r2 and c3po I could just sub in galactic heroes and it works fine I think.

L3-37, the one from Solo movie, what parts could work to look something even resembling her?





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Not sure how to get the height, but I would think for sure arms as legs for K-2S0. He has the narrow limbs.

Would the robot head from lost in space work for L3? I am drawing a blank trying to picture the 2 of them together. But I think they both have the large flat heads.

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