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wave 77


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7 hours ago, EricM said:

Toyfare exclusive maybe Firestar being remade and one never made maybe Speedball. Just hoping these are the case being a New warriors fan. Speedball first appeared in an amazing spiderman annual so hed fit in a Spidey wave

If ONLY but I realized a long time ago DST likes to troll me and my faves.

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I think I'm like Chuck in that I never get tired of Spider-Man (provided this is a SM wave). Keep bringing on new villains, I'm all-in.

For ex: I was both surprised and delighted by classic Chameleon in TRU 25. (although y'all need to sneak in a proper classic Chameleon head with eye slits and goggles into another pack sometime...)

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I've never been much for making predictions... but I'm pleased to hear that people seem fairly agreed that Hydro Man's odds are strong. He's been at the top of my list of characters who need a re-do for quite a while. (I think I said so in one of those, "Characters who need a re-do" threads, lol.) ... Not only is the original very dated looking, but the old one has one of the worst hair pieces in Minimate history, which is impossible to keep on, and a redo could GREATLY benefit from some Sandman-style water parts.

I'm hoping he's in the same Black T-Shirt "costume" and not one of his more modern supervillain jumpsuits.

My dream is to one day have the entire Sinister Syndicate from the Spider-Man ride at Universal Studios. Because I'm a big themepark fan and a big Marvel fan, so I love when those 2 worlds collide. Scream is the biggest longshot, but she recently got a Marvel Legends figure, and the Venom movie seems to have made toy lines pretty symbiote-happy lately... so... *Fingers Crossed* lol...

Scream IS an unmade Spidey Villain, as it happens. As are the other Life Foundation Symbiotes. Riot having just made it to the Big Screen, astonishingly. I'm not saying I think they're in this wave... just throwing the idea into the water, lol.

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36 minutes ago, DSTZach said:

Eight classic, one modern. Two heroes, one criminal ally, six villains. Sausage fest.

This wave will be amazing.

Criminal ally....could this be Molten Man?  Paladin?  Punisher?  Prowler?  Frog-Man?

Two heroes....Spider-Man (PS4 Costume) .....Shang-Chi?   

Villains: Hydro Man, Shocker, Scorpion, Kraven, Vulture, Electro...

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Molten Man seems a lock, and Prowler best fits the villain-ally descriptor.

Hydro-Man and Shocker both neatly fit the 10- and 11-year clues.

"Two very recently made characters" most certainly includes Spider-Man, while "one new costume, one costume that hasn't been made in a while" makes me think Symbiote Spidey, because I would assume any non-SM characters in the wave would not have so many costumes in their 'mate history that the "not in a while" clause makes sense.

Past that it gets blurry for me. If the above guesses are right, there are four left that need to fit the following clues:

  • 1 Hero, 3 Villains
  • 1 of which is a new character, 1 of which has been "recently made"
  • 1 8-year old re-do: I only see Vulture in 2010, but he's had Zombie, animated, and MCU mates since... could be "Classic Vulture Re-Do," specifically? Assuming it wouldn't be Lizard b/c he's had a proper comic figure since.
  • Kraven's as good a guess as any, for a nice "Last Hunt" 2-pack with Symbiote Spider-Man.

...that leaves a recently-made character, and a new character. The new character having not been mentioned as of Sunday at 5:30pm. One hero, one villain.

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Going off of that list, Kraven’s been made very recently as an animated figure, so I’d put Rhino as the character who’s been made in the last few years (2012), and Deathlok makes a lot of sense as an unmade hero, and fits with wave 76.

Symbiote Spider-Man & Hydro-Man

Deathlok & Kraven

Prowler & Rhino

Vulture & Superior Foes Shocker

BaM: Molten Man

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3 minutes ago, buttheadsmate said:

The second Rhino that was produced 6 years ago pretty much nailed the character IMHO .  I'm all for another one but quite how the 'mate could be improved is unclear to me .

Now it's clear ....... ditch the studded wrist & leg cuffs .

Molten Man ? Fairly ironic if you collect Luke's customs :thumbsup:

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