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WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread


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Just a heads up Luke, I never received the Flair invoice through email. I only saw it once I logged into PayPal. Didn’t go to junk mail either. Not sure if PayPal didn’t forward it, or if something else went wrong. Figured I’d let you know in case anyone else here is having the same thing happen.

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Here is a hint for my next custom: Originally he was generically named The Super Destroyer, a hooded character that's been played by several different wrestlers. He then left wrestling for a while but came back as part of a tag team known as the Boulder Brothers.

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13 minutes ago, luke314pi said:

Here is a hint for my next custom: Originally he was generically named The Super Destroyer, a hooded character that's been played by several different wrestlers. He then left wrestling for a while but came back as part of a tag team known as the Boulder Brothers.

Mr. America!

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Thanks guys! Hulk Hogan is now sold out. Ric Flair will be shipping this Friday. 

On 8/25/2018 at 7:53 AM, BuffaloDelorean said:

I'm not very familiar with wrestling beyond Andre the Giant, but those look really nice together. I wonder if anyone's done the same thing with the Marvel line.

Someone posted this one on Facebook:


It doesn't include Molten Man (my first release) or Stature (my latest).


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Those are awesome! 

In terms of Hogan, there are Minimates who have a pointed finger, right?  I want to pose Hogan doing the "YOOOOUUUU!" pose.


Would also be awesome if we had a shaking hands hand.  For the MEGA HANDSHAKE:


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I found myself trying to predict the remaining 6 characters in this lineup of 12 today... this is what I came up with...

I feel like these five are very strong candidates for being some of the most colorful and well-known personalities of the 80s. Even casual or non-wrestling fans may have heard of some of these guys...

Jake the Snake
Roddy Piper
Ted DiBiase
Sgt. Slaughter
80s Undertaker

And other than a need for a small plastic snake (which shouldn't be terribly hard to come by) none of them seems impossible to customize.

And honest to god, I'm a little iffy about Undertaker, as he could easily fit into lines based on later decades (and he was certainly more prominent in later decades too). But I kept him up there because wth.

That said,  I had a hard time narrowing down a 6th. I feel like the 6th will be one of the people below... based on Luke's personal preference... I feel like all of these people easily could fit the bill, and some are arguably more deserving than others... But ultimately it's Luke's line and Luke's choice (I mean I could be wrong about the first five too, ultimately, I just think they have... the strongest odds)

Rick Rude
Bobby Heenan
Dusty Rhodes
Junkyard Dog
Ricky Steamboat
Mean Gene Okerlund
Ms. Elizabeth
Brutus Beefcake
Iron Sheik
Jimmy Snuka
Mr. Perfect

I could add more names... but we're already up to 15 candidates, and I think the more names I add... the iffier they become, lol.

PS. I deliberately overlooked the Legion of Doom, Demolition & the Rockers (or just Shawn Michaels), because I'm pretty sure Luke debunked them earlier in the thread (unless I'm remembering wrong). I thought he said LOD & Demolition were too custom parts intensive, and Shawn Michaels was more likely for a wave 2 based in the 90s/New Generation.

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Luke also loves 80s toys, so Sgt. Slaughter seems like a safe bet. :lol:

Those five you picked are all great choices. Mr Perfect seems like the best choice to fill out that lineup. Personally, I'd like to see Luke move into WCW and make Sting. Maybe next year.

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2 customs came out before the one year subscription started. So there are actually 8 wrestlers left from this era. ?

But really there are 13 characters left: After this first subscription year is over, I am going to take a 3 month break from subscriptions, during which time I will offer 2 tag teams and one non-wrestler (all from this same classic era). Then the next subscription will start, which will encompass approximately Wrestlemania 7-12.


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31 minutes ago, hellpop said:

Non-wrestler, eh? Seems like Mean Gene, Bobby Heenan, or Vince McMahon would be the leading contenders there.

I feel like Vince wasn't a prominent enough face yet during that era. I guess he was around (obviously) and you do see him doing interviews/announcements in archive footage... God knows I've heard that sound byte of him announcing "Welcome to Wrestlemania!" 1000 times. And I think he had one of those big rubber LJN toys. But I feel like he was more like... wallpaper back then. I dunno. He's not present in any of my childhood memories. The first time I ever remember noticing him was when he and Jerry Lawler did commentary on Monday Night Raw a decade or two later, and even then, he was just playing straight man announcer to Jerry's bigger heel personality.

He didn't become like... the big public face of the company until the attitude era w/ the Mr. McMahon character and the dawn of the internet (when they could no longer hide the fact that the guy at the announce table was actually the guy in charge).

Honest to God, that was what I based those 5 choices at the top of my speculation off of: "Who do I remember being a thing when I was a child?" ... lol. I remember all five of those guys being a thing when I was a child. I don't remember Vince at all (not that he wasn't there... just that he didn't imprint on my childhood memories)

That said, Mean Gene is a HUGE presence in my childhood memories... so... I feel like he's a strong candidate.

... I like this line. I'm going to be sad if I miss any of these, lol. (I know I could have subscribed but... I find it way easier to drop $23 once a month than 2 or 3 hundred all at once.)

Edited by Gillbob316
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I now also wish to play Tag Team guessing! lol...

I feel like LOD seems like a no-brainer at this point. Demand + That perfect Plants vs. Zombies piece + being arguably the biggest tag team of the era = Strong odds to me.

The second team intrigues me more. I feel like Demolition & The Rockers are both strong choices. Both seem possible, but I feel like if you wanted to do Demolition justice, you'd need some funky parts. I think you could get away with decals on them, but it wouldn't be as good. The Rockers seem easier to pull off. They're basically any body + long hair and some string/fuzzies like Ultimate Warrior.

But those aren't even the only options really. We don't know what madness lies in Luke's plans! lol... could be The Hart Foundation. The British Bulldogs. Natural Disasters, Freebirds, Brain Busters... Lots of other choices out there.

As that big longwinded post I just made about Vince McMahon demonstrates... different wrestlers latched onto different people's memories... and what really matters here is: Who did LUKE like? lol...

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PS. I'm suddenly very mad at myself for forgetting about Honky Tonk Man & Jim Duggan back in my first post of the day... lol.

I like Jim's odds a lot. Everyone loved him back then. And who wouldn't love a minimate with a tiny 2x4?

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