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I'm personally seeing an overabundance of Wave 24 with a side of Thor, moreso than Homecoming. Though there are still a smattering of Homecoming stragglers, Thor Stragglers, Wolverine Wave Stragglers, and even Dr. Strange Stragglers.

But the vast majority at Schaumburg are Wave 24. At my local TRU (Melrose Park) there isn't a clear Majority... just a handful of misc. Melrose is also the only place I've seen Black Panther thus far.

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As a classic Marvel character minimates collector, I cannot be happier with the Marvel’s Chameleon and Spider Sense Peter Parker two pack. I've been waiting for a while for an updated classic Peter Parker and Mary Jane, both being two of the essential civilians of the Marvel Universe and they don’t disappoint me. The execution is perfect and the new sculpted hair pieces add a lot. And if it was not enough, for the same price we get Chameleon in his dressing gown none less and a lot of classic accessories (webshooters, belt, half-mask spider sense hair piece and my favorite: the hand with the radioactive spider). Thanks, DST!


Peter Parker and his little family:



This made me think that it would be nice if they released some kind of deluxe or ultimate packs including the super-hero, his civilian identity and a lot of accessories:


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13 minutes ago, hellpop said:

Love the idea of character specific deluxe sets loaded with accessories!

That's a great topic for another thread. I'm picturing packs that focus on a single character, a way to refresh Greatest Hits, maybe for a mass market retailer looking to dip their toes into the waters of this plastic crack.

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Are these still lingering anywhere in Chicagoland, that anyone is aware of? I keep checking my 2-3 go-to stores and finding squat. Found Black Panther, but still haven't seen Wave 25 once. I believe I'm beginning to reach the point of willingness to go out of my way to a store I don't frequent, lol.

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6 minutes ago, Gmonkey2k said:

Yes. That's when he replied to my PM that I sent when he originally said he was leaving. I was trying to get him to reconsider.

Ok, but...if he said he was leaving back on January 19th and is still on here as of February 4th...I think that's a good sign he's not actually going anywhere.  I like the guy and I hope he does stick around. :) 

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14 hours ago, buttheadsmate said:

We're a small, diminishing group of people that love Minimates  , another 'man down' is another one too many IMVFHO . 

I've 'thrown my toys out of the pram' on several sad occasions but ...........where do you go ?  


In space nobody can hear you scream .


I understand the disdain for what appears to be incessant negativity.


For example, it's a challenging time to be a fan of Star Trek and Star Wars when there's a ridiculously vocal "fanbase" hating on anything new in either franchise and defying anyone who disagrees with their venomous, hateful rants. Given their criticisms it's hard to believe they were ever fans to begin with. It's like someone hating on Marvel Series 75 because it has a build-a-figure so now block figures are all stupid and everyone who disagrees is stupid for liking them.


There seems to be a generation of people who weren't taught how to deal with disappointment. They were given awards simply for participating so they never dealt with failure, which is a great teacher. Because they don't want to get their feelings hurt they go into a situation loaded with prejudice against it so that when they're right, they're vindicated but if they're wrong, they're pleasantly surprised. For these Negative Nancys it's a win-win.


Unfortunately for those who can deal with disappointment, or who simply don't care about "right and wrong" when it comes to subjective quantities, it tends to suck the fun out of it. You want to share how much you enjoyed something with a Facebook community, for example, but after reading threads dominated by negative comments, you hit "Like" and quietly move on instead of engaging with these vampires of joy.


A break from social media can be a good thing but abandoning a hobby you truly enjoy because of the subjective opinions of others is just plain sad.

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