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Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

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Got my Nuke, also! Really awesome. The little details and his accessories are so cool.

The hint for the next one has me stumped. My Hulk knowledge isn't the best, but still looking forward to seeing who it is!

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I'm glad you guys like Nuke!

1 hour ago, IntegrityRise said:

Just got Nuke as well, great looking as always.

The hint had me scratching my head for a while, still kinda am but I do have one guess...Can I PM it and see if I’m right? Don’t wanna spoil it for anyone if I’m right lol. 

Yes feel free to send a guess via PM. :)


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My next Marvel custom will be the giant robot known as Megalith! He is from Incredible Hulk #275, which I loved as a kid. I am nearly finished with him, and I can't wait to show him to you. Megalith goes up for preorder on Saturday.



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This would essentially be akin to me making a Krakoa custom... except more obscure, because Krakoa has resurfaced a few times in more recent years.

But I'm trying to draw a parallel that's an obscure X-Men villain that's beloved to me due to being from a comic book I owned as a kid.

I guess Ogre almost fits that description too, but I never loved Ogre. Banshee was clearly the standout in that Factor Three issue.

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This will definitely be the most obscure figure from this first year of my custom run. I have another one-issue villain planned for next year for similar reasons:

  1. They will look great as a Minimate
  2. We need more villains
  3. I have the parts to do it
  4. This entire custom Minimate project is fueled by characters that I am passionate about, since that drives me to produce the best customs I can :)


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Megalith is up for preorder! This giant robot was designed and created to capture the Hulk. Although I tried to get him close to his full height and stature, you can remove part of his legs to shorten him if you prefer (as shown in one of the photos). He includes a standard base and a rubble base. Preorder Megalith here:
For those of you who preordered The Tinkerer, a package with the parts for his table got lost in the mail, so we are waiting for replacements to arrive. We expect to ship him by June 15th.
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22 hours ago, Tommy Wiseau said:

My guess with the newest clue we were given with Tinkerer is Cassie Lang aka Stature!

I won't confirm or deny that yet, in case anyone else wants to guess. :) Here was the clue that I sent with The Tinkerer for the next custom: An Avenger / Young Avenger from the modern era who first appeared with this alias and costume in 2005, although this person has appeared in Avengers books since 1979

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Marvel had such a good thing with the Young Avengers, but never figured out how to really capitalize on it.  All the characters were great, the dynamic was fun, and it should have been pushed to the forefront of the line.  Instead, by treading water for years until the OG creators could come back, it all fizzled into what we have now: Some fun characters, but no team to go with it.

What I wouldn't give for a Young Avengers box set with a Patriot, Wiccan, Hulkling, and Hawkeye...

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Stature, a.k.a. Cassie Lang, is up for preorder! She includes a broken steel girder and a large scale Stature backdrop. This custom is a limited edition of 30, and the preorder link is here:
For those of you who ordered Megalith last month, he will ship this Friday. I'm sorry for the delay on him - I went on vacation for a week last month, and it messed up my custom schedule. 
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