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Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

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4 minutes ago, hellpop said:

Really? Not in, say, Deadpool 2? If so then you've stumped me.

Oh wait, I was only going by the IMDB cast list, which does not list this character. But in looking at other sources, yes, this character is in DP2. 

3 minutes ago, Gillbob316 said:

Sounds like Black Tom to me.

Debuted in the 70's. Classic X-Men Villain. Never been a minimate. Related to Banshee.



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Just a quick update - Callisto will ship this Saturday for those of you who picked to have her shipped by herself. For those of you waiting to have her included with another package, our March Minimate Sale starts on Friday, March 9th, so I could include her with sale orders upon request. Black Tom will go up for preorder this Sunday. There will be an option to purchase a 2nd body for $10, as he will have 2 looks. For subscribers the 2nd body will be $9, and there will be an option for that on the order page.

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He's had a couple of looks over the years. Toybiz did him in the 90's in his white pirate look. He even became all tree at one point... He was kind of Groot-looking in Gen X
Can't wait to see what look Luke goes with. 

Image result for black tom cassidy costume gallery

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Black Tom Cassidy




Black Tom includes a cane, alternate infected head, alternate infected arms, and castle mini-backdrop. You can optionally order an extra body to display him in both his normal and infected looks (subscribers can add one to their existing subscription using the same link). He will ship by the first week of April, and possibly sooner. Order here:

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9 hours ago, Gillbob316 said:

Awwwwwwwwwww crap balls. This was one of the ones I was most looking forward to (X-Men and all) so naturally it had to be the first one I missed since I found this thread.


Sorry man! I will check my parts bin and see if I can put something together.


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1 hour ago, hellpop said:

He looks very nice. What did you use for his collar?

Thanks! His collar is cut from a thin sheet of black plastic, with two neck holes that make the collar curve when they are both on.

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