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Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

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5 hours ago, Trekker 42 said:

Oh is this the Shadow King? 

Luke made a Shadow King with an alternate head for Farouk a few years ago. I don’t think it would be Shadow King again. But, I could be wrong. Whoever it is I am excited for, as I was just thinking the other day how we need more villains!

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I don't know of any father figures in X-Men lore outside of Charles.

Proteus can possess people, but AFAIK he was never anyone's father figure.

Plus, this was someone who "turned to evil," i.e. didn't start out that way. I'm also stumped.

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17 minutes ago, luke314pi said:

No one has guessed it yet. Although he was a mentor to one of the X-Men, it wasn't it any comic with X in the title. He cheats death by possessing people. 

This is a throw from left field, is it Ogun? With parts to make Shogun?

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11 hours ago, luke314pi said:

Nailed it! ??

I was JUST saying in a Marvel Legends thread how it was criminal that the cheapskates at Hasbro hadn't given us an Ogun on the Hand Ninja base yet! 
Please pre-emptively sign me up for one immediately! 

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Before turning to evil, Ogun was Wolverine's mentor in Japan. Ogun learned the mystic arts and the ability to possess others. He used this ability on a Weapon X test subject and renamed himself Shogun. This custom set includes Ogun with his gold-handled katana, and a head and katana for you to make your own Shogun figure. The rest of Shogun's costume is basically a black body - in the photo I am using Black Panther's body, but there are many Minimate black bodies to choose from.

The preorder link has been sent to previous subscribers / superfans. He will go up for public preorder tomorrow and I will post the link here. 

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On 5/27/2022 at 11:15 AM, elhonez said:

I'm really curious about whether the horns will be part of the decal, or 3D?

I know he had smaller horns in his original appearance, but I could only get larger horns for him, which match his more modern appearance:



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  • 4 weeks later...

I wasn't planning on releasing this custom so soon, so I didn't even drop a hint. But my video editing computer had a critical hard drive failure, so I found myself with some extra time where I would have normally been editing video for my other business. But it was nice to have some customizing time, and I present to you the mercenary known as Orb!



Orb includes a blaster and a motorcycle accessory. His eye is actually from a doll manufacturer! Please note that his hands don't fit on the motorcycle handles, so think of it more as a prop than a vehicle, and his head does not turn. He is a limited run of 30, and he will go up for public preorder tomorrow (previous subscribers check your email for the link)

My previous custom set, Ogun / Shogun, will be shipping on Wednesday morning. They are complete - we are just waiting for more bubble mailers to arrive. If you preordered my last wrestling custom, Goldberg, he will also be shipping on Wednesday morning. ?




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