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Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

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3 hours ago, darthdoughboy said:

Luke, I've been meaning to ask, is there a way to pay for these customs without paypal? I've been tempted with many up till now but I have to have a shadow king to go with my X-Men.

I will send you a PM. :)


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After reading the hint that came with Stingray I think the next custom after Paladin and Shadow king is




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Sounds like Supreme Intelligence / Supremor maybe?

(FF introduced, didn't have a body, later did)

Also a candidate for a figure/standee execution, but personally I'd love to have a 3D giant round head.

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All of my customizing time last week was dedicated to the custom included in our Luke Crates, which are shipping out tomorrow. Now that those are finished, I will be turning my attention to The Undertaker first, and then to Paladin. I am also finishing up some older customs for some of you.
Shadow King is up for preorder!
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@elhonez guessed this one right - my next custom is Quasimodo!



Quasimodo is featured in his physical form and also includes his super intelligent computer form from his first appearance. This custom set is a limited edition of 36 and you can preorder him here:

This week I will be finishing up Razor Ramon on the WWE side of things, and then I will turn my attention to Shadow King.

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I'm doubting myself though -- been off my game, guessing Proteus for Shadow King, Supremor for Quasimodo, Hellcat for Stingray. Think I only got Paladin correct. 

Technically Fixer's partner Mentallo is ex-SHIELD, not him (IIRC). But I don't think Mentallo was ever in the MOE. 

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Spider-X is up for preorder! \He comes with a spider web accessory and backdrop. This custom is a limited edition of 36, and you can preorder him here:

For those of you show selected separate shipping for Shadow King, you should have received tracking numbers this morning. For those of you who have customs shipped with orders, make sure to leave me a note on your next order.




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