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Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

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This villain appeared in Fantastic Four comics in the 70's (which is where I first encountered him after scouring cheap back issues at my comic shop as a kid), She-Hulk comics in the 90's, and in the Fantastic Four: Foes series from 2005. He is fairly obscure, but he will be a cool looking Minimate and he comes with a really fun backdrop.

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Cool! I'm excited to see what he looks like. I feel like the 70's FF run is sorely under appreciated. Rightfully overshadowed by the Lee/Kirby days and the John Byrne stuff (but if I'm being honest, I much prefer the stories in the 70's than those in the John Byrne days).

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Mahkizmo the Nuclear Man is finished, and he includes a stretched-out Mr. Fantastic character cut-out! Mahkizmo was the ruler of a warlike alternate Earth where women were enslaved by men, until he was defeated by the Fantastic Four and Thundra. Enraged by his defeat, he went to our Earth and built a gender bomb that would kill all women, but ended up falling in love with She-Hulk, who talked him out of his insane plan. This custom is a limited edition of 30, and you can preorder him here:

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I don't think I've ever heard of this guy, but he looks very cool.  Like one of the thugs from Mad Max, which might have been the idea!

That Mr. Fantastic cut-out is one of the coolest things I've seen Luke do.  Outstanding.

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