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Create Your Ideas Contest


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Congratulations to all who entered and placed.

I am so wishing I could have a set of the Spaceballs MiniMates. Ivan, those were very nicely done.  I love the large blow-dryer accessory.

I was a huge fan of The Tick and I would love a set of those MiniMates as well.

Well, I am honored to have taken 3rd place and I am so touched that people voted for me.

Thank you for having this contest.



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Thanks all. This was a really fun contest.  All except for the frustrating faces.  Every time I try to make new Minimate faces, my respect for the official designers goes up. It's amazing to me how they can condense a face down to a few lines while maintaining recognizability.

It's a good thing the Barf face went through a lot of processing. First it  was mainly obscured by the helmet, then rendered, scaled down, then re-rendered as the packing insert. I'd love to get to Series 2 one day and get it right.   (With the Planet of the Apes/Megamaid playset!)

Thanks again for the votes and praise.  All the entries were great.

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