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2017 SDCC Exclusive (or retail exclusive?) Any News?

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Anyone know or can guess the exclusive will be? From what I've read (no references sorry) there will be a single movie based 2 pack so I'm guessing spiderman.

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Wasn't there a rumor of two different guys using Shocker gear in this movie?

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17 hours ago, Mirymate said:

Wasn't there a rumor of two different guys using Shocker gear in this movie?

I was thinking about this the other day - it actually looks to me that Vulture has some kind of shocker-esque gauntlets in some of the images.

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Fear the wrath of Spare-Parts-Man... er... the Vulture!!

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Well. To be fair. 


I saw the movie and Shocker never actually gets a suitup.

much MUCH bigger spoilers below


in fact this wave is almost entirely comprehensive. The only characters we're missing out on are Peter's classmates, White Shocker (who dies after like 8 minutes) the Iron Spider suit from the last few moments of the film, Pepper Potts (who has only about a minute of screentime), Civvie Tony (we've got so many) and the Vulture's final battle suit which would have required a new mold and that's not gonna happen. I'd like to see this set get an accessory or two like an alien gun or even better, Ultron's head with the Borg Queen spinal cord because that joke was AMAZING 

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Rick Grimes & Vacation Zombie    
Underground Battle Spider-Man & Underground Battle Lizard    
Vorin & Zik    
Alpha Flight Box Set #1
A vs. X Box Set    
Thundercats Box Set 1

Wolverine Saga Box Set
"The Trouble with Tribbles" U.S.S. Enterprise
Hershel's Farm Box Set        
Thundercats Box Set 4    
Lost In Space Previews Exclusive 2-Pack    
Jay & Silent Bob Previews Exclusive 2-Pack    
Deadpools Assemble! Box Set        
Iron Man Hall of Armor Box Set

X-Men Days of Future Past Box Set
Walking Dead Days Gone Bye Box Set
Bluntman and Chronic    
Grimm Fairy Tales Red Riding Hood
Grimm Fairy Tales Nissa

Alien 1979-Style Exclusive Retro Single Pack    
AFX Age of Ultron Exclusive Box Set
Ant Man Movie SDCC Box Set
TMNT Mirage Black & White Box Set
Barnes & Noble Gotham "Before the Legend" Two-Pack

TRU EX Formal Kermit & Formal Piggy
Gamestop/Previews EX SDCC Civil War Two-Pack    
Gamestop/Previews EX SDCC Netflix Two-Pack

TRU Spider-Man Homecoming 2-pack

(Not accounting for promo/giveaway/Ebay Exclusive Minimates)

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